Get Inspired at The Conrad: Changemaker Speaker Series La Jolla -

Get Inspired at The Conrad: Changemaker Speaker Series La Jolla

There’s still time to hearing inspiring stories and get a boost of positivity at The Conrad’s Changemaker Speaker Series in La Jolla.

The Changemaker Speaker Series, it’s a touring program of celebrated explorers, trailblazers, journalists, artists, and more. This year, Changemaker partnered with the La Jolla Music Society to bring several inspiring talks to The Conrad.

Last month, for example, saw Peter Hillary talk about his life, including the fact that he became the first second-generation summiteer to reach the top of Mount Everest and how this experience inspired a lifetime of philanthropy.

On Thursday, Feb. 29, filmmaker and photographer Andy Mann will give a talk connecting his two passions: storytelling and protecting the oceans. Attendees will get to hear about his life traveling the seven seas, and how it relates to both the creative visual arts and the interconnectedness of our planet.

If you’re interested in attending the next Changemaker Speaker Series in La Jolla, the next speaker date is scheduled for 7 p.m. on Thursday, May 23 — and will feature a literal astronaut.

Terry Virts will recount his life as an astronaut, fighter pilot, consultant, and motivational speaker. From serving as an F-16 pilot to piloting the Space Shuttle Endeavour, and even becoming Commander for the International Space Station, Virts has seen it all — literally.

During his seven months in space, Virts led a team through an extended stay in space. While there, he took more than 300,000 photographs and hours of video — the most of any mission before or since.

These images and videos formed the backbone of the IMAX film A Beautiful Planet, which is narrated by Jennifer Lawrence. Some of the best images were also collected in a National Geographic book called View from Above, which also features his recollections on “spaceflight, stewardship of life on earth, and our place in the cosmos.”

Tickets for the Terry Virts Changemaker Speaker Series in La Jolla are still available. To purchase tickets and for additional information, visit this link.

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