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Empanada Kitchen’s Fourth Spot in La Jolla: Authentic Argentine Flavors

Hey folks, as the weather changes in San Diego, so do our food cravings. The good news is that La Jolla’s got a new shop on the block, Empanada Kitchen.

Empanada Kitchen’s latest addition on La Jolla’s Pearl Street is helmed by Matias Rigali, an Argentinian bringing a slice of Argentina to San Diego. This isn’t just a quick stop-in; it’s an immersive experience into the heart of Argentine flavors. As part of the growing culinary wave in San Diego, Matias Rigali adds authenticity and passion to the table.

Inspired by his own mother’s table recipe in Argentina, Matias shared the intricate details of the inspirations and tweaks made to the recipes upon opening Empanada Kitchen. He passionately educated me on the diversity of empanadas throughout Latin and South America.

Empanada Varieties Across Latin America

One intriguing aspect is the regional influence on fillings. For instance, in Mexico, empanadas are commonly deep-fried, while in Argentina, baking is the preferred method. Matias’ best-selling chimichurri recipe, inspired by common Argentine chimichurri recipes, has an American twist—adding a touch of spice. It’s these nuances that make Empanada Kitchen stand out.

Authenticity In Flavors and Friendliness

As I polished off my empanada, the dedication to bringing Argentine authenticity to San Diego was evident. With the new La Jolla location, Empanada Kitchen now boasts four establishments, marking a significant success for EK.

If you’re up for a laid-back yet authentic culinary experience that’ll make your taste buds dance, Empanada Kitchen is the place to be. Check out their website for all the details on their menu and when you can catch them in action.

About the author: Ian Schutt is an Arts and Culture writer at LaJolla.com. You can usually find him immersed in something related to music or sharing a laugh with a friend. A Kansas City native, Ian recently made the move from his Alma-mater town of Fort Collins to San Diego.

Media credits: Caroline Zuniga