Legality Questions Arise Over Bonfires on La Jolla Beaches -

Legality Questions Arise Over Bonfires on La Jolla Beaches

Few iconic scenes of summer are as universally recognized as a bonfire on the beach.

The crackle of a fire, the rolling waves of the ocean, and the company of friends give or take a few spirits, and you have the ingredients to make a perfect summer memory.

However, some legality questions have arisen for a company that started profiting from offering such an experience. 

According to the San Diego Union-Tribune, a local resident has observed the facilitators, calling themselves A Timeless Day, offering fire pits and alcoholic beverages on Marine Street Beach to groups of people who have hired their services.

While it is not illegal to have bonfires on specific La Jolla beaches, it is only permitted when the fire gets contained within a city-issued fire pit ring. Although the company does bring fire pit rings, it does not use city-issued rings. The reason is likely because the city has stated they would not permit their rings for commercial use where alcohol is involved.

Additionally, the Public Safety Media Services Manager for San Diego, Jose Ysea, confirmed in an interview with the Union-Tribune that alcohol is not allowed on city beaches. Moreover, Ysea stated the San Diego municipal code prohibits the conduct of commercial activity on city property. In this case, that would be the beach. 

While no one is trying to make trouble, residents are concerned about the consequences of having a steady stream of potentially drinking patrons and excess bonfire smoke on the beach.

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