San Diego Wine Industry Growth Outpacing the Nation -

San Diego Wine Industry Growth Outpacing the Nation

The San Diego wine industry may be underrated compared to hotspots like Napa Valley and nearby Temecula. However, that may soon change.

First, some context: the wine industry, on a statewide or national scale, isn’t faring very well. According to a recent report, total wine sales across the U.S. were down in 2023 and wine tasting room visitations dropped for the second year in a row.

More than that, consumption of wine in California dropped 9% last year.

It’s basically the opposite story for the San Diego wine industry. A new report about the local wine economy found that sales, visitation, and hiring were up across San Diego’s hundreds of wineries.

Annual sales last year, for example, reached $54.5 million, which is 11% higher than the year before. The last two years, however, have been record-breaking for the local wine industry.

San Diego’s wineries aren’t as well known as those in Napa Valley or Sonoma County, or even as well-known as those in Temecula Wine Country. However, there are actually hundreds of wineries through San Diego County, including in neighborhoods like Point Loma, cities like Lakeside and Escondido, and rural areas like Julian and Ramona.

And, before you ask, San Diego wine is just as good as wine produced in other Californian regions. With warm days and cool nights, the local climate is perfect for grape-growing — and the vintners that live and work in our city are experts at their craft.

Just as an example, several San Diego wineries have won multiple awards at the San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition and the Toast of the Coast International Wine Competition in recent years. And, it seems, that they’re just getting started.

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