New Tony Hawk Restaurant in San Diego Slated to Open Early 2022

New Tony Hawk Restaurant in San Diego to Open Early Next Year

Tony Hawk, one of San Diego’s beloved local celebrities (he’s on our list of celebrities who are from here and also celebrities who live here, is no stranger to entrepreneurial endeavors. Mr. Hawk has previously invested in a few local businesses throughout the years. Now, he is teaming up with Chef Andrew Bachelier and christening a restaurant with his famous name. 

This new restaurant, tentatively named Chick N’ Hawk, is also an ode to the legendary skateboarder’s favorite Looney Toons character, Foghorn Leghorn.

While poultry, specifically the soon-to-be-famous fried chicken sandwich, is the main attraction, the restaurant will also feature seafood and seasonal produce.

Before becoming the founding chef of a restaurant called Campfire, Chef Bachelier was formally a chef at the Carlsbad restaurant called Jeune Et Jolie

Hawk and Bachelier formed a friendship over their love of skateboarding and food. When the pandemic hit, forcing the restaurant Bachelier worked at to switch to a focus on takeout, Bachelier (like so many of us during the pandemic) re-examined his priorities and left the restaurant. 

Soon after, Bachelier and Hawk got together and discussed their mutual desire to incorporate fried chicken into their next endeavor. So, they hit the road, traveling around the country, trying some of the most famous fried chicken sandwiches around. 

However, with a stroke of luck, the pair found the perfect location for their new restaurant in Encinitas. They will incorporate produce from North County farms and raw seafood dishes into their original idea.

Now, the restaurant is taking over where Fulano’s Mexican Cafe used to be, at 145 Leucadia Boulevard, Encinitas, CA. Currently, the 1,500-square-foot, free-standing restaurant is undergoing renovation to spread its wings and ready itself for success from both food and atmosphere.

Hawk and Bachelier plan to open the restaurant in early 2022. You can read the full story on Eater San Diego.

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