Mushroom Beach House in La Jolla, California |

Mushroom House in La Jolla

Known For

  • Iconic futuristic house built on the shores of La Jolla’s equally iconic Blacks Beach
  • Designed by San Diego resident Dale Naegle in 1968 for General Mills heir, Sam Bell
  • Nestled into a 300-foot cliff, the ultra-modern Mushroom House is a legendary landmark
  • An optical delight, the home attracts surfers, tourists, and locals alike
  • The Mushroom House is an architectural marvel that is only accessible by hiking (but worth the trek!)

Overview & Amenities

The Mushroom House in La Jolla is not only an architectural marvel, it’s also a well-kept mystery that begs to be solved. Tucked away in a nook of a craggy cliffside on Blacks Beach, the mushroom beach house was built (and originally named the Bell Pavilion after the owner) as a guest house for Sam Bell (of Bell Potato Chips) in 1968 by Architect Dale Naegle.  Back then, the prime way to access the home was via a 300-foot tram from the top of the cliff, where the palatial, space-age-looking guest home awaits.

Today, the tram is no longer in service, and the inside of the mushroom house is inaccessible. As of this writing, the house is abandoned and listed as private property.  However, that shouldn’t stop you from catching a glimpse of this jaw-dropping home.

You can get to the Mushroom house in San Diego via Scripps Coastal Reserve Trail, or the Ho Chi Minh Trail.  While you can’t enter the home, the area around the perimeter of Blacks Beach is public property.  Therefore, make an adventure out of your trip to the Mushroom House at low tide so you can get an eye-full of this legendary landmark in La Jolla.

Learn more about the La Jolla Mushroom Beach House here.

  • Dogs Allowed
  • Good for Groups

Location & Contact


9036 La Jolla Shores Ln · La Jolla, CA · 92037