Best Cryotherapy in San Diego

Cryotherapy in San Diego brings new meaning to the term, “chill out.”  That’s because this invigorating healing solution is getting a lot of attention from San Diegans for its many health benefits. Cryotherapy means “cold therapy” and it’s becoming a highly sought-after alternative health option for people with a myriad of conditions. While San Diego […]

Here’s What Separates The Arena in San Diego from Any Other Martial Arts Gym

There are a lot of things that make The Arena gym unique, including its coaches, its fight team, and its members. The Arena Gym is a martial arts instruction and combat sports training facility in San Diego. It’s among the largest combat sports training centers in North America and the oldest continuously operated martial arts […]

Yoga in San Diego

Sacred texts allude to the notion that the practice of yoga was integrated into civilization as early as 500 B.C., in Northern India. The ancient eastern practice has since then evolved over several centuries to accommodate the Western World, and for good reason.  Without question, the benefits of yoga are boundless. From treating insomnia to […]