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6 Proven Ways the Beach Keeps you Healthier & Younger

Do you care about your health? I’m sure you do. So, to maximize yours, we have the perfect medicine: a trip to the beach. Besides providing a mental break from the day-to-day, the ocean offers physical benefits.

Here are the top 7 ways, backed by science, the beach promotes a healthy mind and body.

1. Sunshine offers Vitamin D & Decreases Depression.

Sunshine ups serotonin levels (aka happy hormones), boosts immunity and is necessary for healthy bones.


2. The Sand Gives You a Foot Massage.

Fun fact: Your feet have 3,000 to 6,500 nerve endings. That’s a lot of sensation that can be tapped into. Walking by the ocean, feeling the sand between your toes, does a few great things:
1. It offers a natural foot massage.
2. The sand organically exfoliates your feet, shedding off excess skin and gently smoothing.

3. Seawater fights aging.

Find your skin losing its tightness? It is believed that saltwater can actually counter the decrease in your skin’s elasticity over time. If you’re not convinced, head to the nearest beach town and take a look around at the local residents!

4. Promotes exercise.

At the beach, you get exercise without even noticing. Walking on the sand (a very sneaky workout). Playing in the surf. Building a sand castle. Tossing a frisbee. All of these activities burn calories…without having to the gym.

5. Boosts immunity.

You don’t only get immune boosting from sunshine; sea water contains iodine, which helps your body fight infections and improves thyroid function. Play in the water to get some for yourself.

6. Promotes true relaxation.

The beach is known for being relaxing. But why exactly is that? There are a few main likely reasons:

1. At the beach, you’re able to put away your phone and other electronics. With wifi far in the distance, you don’t have to think about checking email or watching Youtube. You finally get to unplug.
2. The sound of lapping ocean waves has been proven to be relaxing. As the waves break onto the shore, our minds reach a more and more almost meditative state.

If you don’t get enough relaxation, you may have to end up taking time off from work.

As you plan your beach day, here are some top beaches.

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