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6 Holiday Beauty Essentials Every Woman in San Diego Needs

The holidays are a magical time of year in San Diego for so many reasons. Spending time with friends and family, making memories, the first snowfall, and of course, all the twinkling lights. One of the best things about celebrating the holidays for many is the parties, from Christmas to New Year, which allow us to wear sequins, over-the-top gold jewelry, and anything else that glitters. Whether you’ve already got several holiday events in the books or just want to be selfie-ready this season, keep reading for the essential holiday beauty products you need while celebrating in San Diego. 


Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you skip your SPF, especially in sunny San Diego. Sun Protection Factor is the number one thing all dermatologists recommend to keep a beautiful, glowing complexion year-round. You can opt for a stand-alone SPF or one incorporated into your foundation, but don’t skip this essential step in your beauty routine.

The Perfect Red Lip

There are few things more iconic in makeup than cat-eye eyeliner or a bold red lip. If you don’t rock a red lip all year long, consider the holidays in San Diego your opportunity to not only look gorgeous but festive. While you can go with a traditional poinsettia red for the season, there are a variety of shades from which to choose. A red lip is not only iconic but also universally flattering on all face shapes and skin types. If you don’t own one, it’s time to invest.

Ceramic Curling Iron

Even if you’re a girl who doesn’t do much with her hair daily, a quality hair tool is a must to look polished for holiday parties. The great thing about a ceramic curling iron is it can do so much more than just curl your hair. A high-quality curling iron can be used to straighten hair (say what?). It can also be used to warm up your hair on chilly winter mornings, making your hair easier to style. If you’re not a pro with hair tools, there are plenty of videos online to help teach you to achieve whatever style for which you’re going.

Holiday Beauty Essentials Every Woman in San Diego Needs
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Luxe Hydrating Creams

Your skin is the base for all your makeup efforts, no matter what time of year. Just because San Diego doesn’t see the brutal chills other places do in the winter – you still need to care for your skin.  So, while you’re outside, avoid scenarios in which your skin could be dull and dry. Your makeup will only look as good as the skin it’s on, so pampering your skin during this season is essential. Swap your light facial moisturizer for a luxurious hydrating cream to boost hydration and retain moisture. If you’re prone to oily skin, opt for a lighter moisturizer during the day, but you still want a richer cream as part of your nighttime skin routine. 

Bronzer and Highlighter

Between San Diego travel plans, decorating, and holiday parties, not to mention typical daily responsibilities, time can feel like it’s flying by during the holiday season. We’re all looking for ways to save time during the holidays; for some, that might mean paring down their makeup routine. Don’t skip your bronzer and highlighter, though! On top of adding dimension to your face, they’ll have your camera ready no matter your holiday plans. Just swipe some bronzer along the bridge of your nose and below your cheekbones. Highlight on top of the cheekbones, brow bones, and your cupid bow, then wait under the mistletoe!

Holy Grail Eye Creams

With all the parties and events of the season, you’ll be keeping late nights and maybe enjoying some adult eggnog. While it’s important to enjoy yourself and celebrate, these can take a toll on your skin, and the first place it will show up is under your eyes. Investing in the highest quality eye cream you can afford will not only keep dark circles at bay and prevent fine lines, but it can also wake up your appearance after a long night. Some mornings there is no amount of undereye concealer that can help, but the right eye cream can! 

The Last Word on Holiday Beauty Essentials for Every Woman in San Diego

Individuals will have different beauty needs, but the above items should be on every woman’s San Diego shopping list for the holidays this year. Remember that the best thing you can put on each day is confidence, so carry that with you throughout the season, and don’t forget the reason for the season – to enjoy time with family and friends. Happy Holidays, beautiful!

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