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5 Innovative Biotech Companies That Are Making the World a Better Place

These days, it can seem as though most major corporations are only invested in growing more profitable, and much of their business ethics may seem to fall to the wayside in pursuit of that almighty dollar. From cutthroat marketing tactics to shady business dealings, they may be rising financially but are also failing morally.

While many of these corporations may have no obligation to do the right thing, it’s still always a pleasant surprise to discover a handful of businesses that still do strive to make a difference in the world. It’s even more refreshing when it’s one of the most successful biotech companies, as this industry can be especially competitive.

If you’re tired of reading grim news about unscrupulous businesses getting ahead in the world, especially at the cost of human rights violations or their environmental impact, then we’ve got a breath of fresh air for you. There are actually several best biotech companies right now in California. From San Diego to the Sorrento Valley, biotech is undeniably booming. Fortunately, these companies are actively trying to make the world a better place — and we’ve conveniently rounded them up for your reading perusal!

Gilead Sciences

Based out of Foster City, California, Gilead is revolutionizing the biotech industry as we know it. While it’s true that many pharmaceutical companies are driven by profits (and we certainly can’t blame them), this biotech pioneer is going one step further. This company is dedicated to finding cures to many of the diseases that plague modern society, such as cancer, HIV, and many others.

Not only does Gilead employ some of the greatest minds in research, but they also pay them handsomely for their hard work. Furthermore, this biotech company holds the unique mindset that these innovations should be available to all. They are actively engaged in outreach programs to help bring education, healthcare, and an improved quality of life to the communities from where they operate.

Johnson & Johnson

Johnson & Johnson is a household name, as they are the brand of the familiar first-aid kits and medications that most of us have stocked in our medicine cabinets at home. However, this New Jersey biotech company is also so much more than that. Not only did they work tirelessly to help develop a vaccine for COVID-19, but they also did it selflessly, without a thought of profits in mind.

In addition, Johnson & Johnson also strives to create a friendly, inviting workplace for the brilliant employees that work for them. They’re highly inclusive and are focused on diversity, ensuring that their hardworking team is happy with their workplace. They’re also committed to making sure that healthcare isn’t just a privilege enjoyed by the few, and they actively partake in mobile outreach programs to serve disadvantaged communities.

Saphium Biotechnology

Suffice to say, many of the innovative biotech companies in the limelight today are pharmaceuticals, and that’s completely understandable. With the global pandemic bearing down on us, it’s only logical that we’d be focused on the hard work of those businesses. However, let’s not let that distract us from the incredible efforts that Saphium Biotechnology has exerted to help improve the welfare of the planet.

This Austrian biotech company has made it their mission to develop a viable solution to the dangerous plastics that have become commonplace in our day-to-day lives. Saphium Biotechnology created a new bioplastic that can possibly replace these harmful plastics. This filament, dubbed the PHAbulous Philament, is all-natural and compostable. Even better, when it breaks down, it actually pulls double duty as a fertilizer!

Lilly Research Laboratories

When you think of the world’s most ethical companies, what comes to mind? Maybe it’s a company that rescues puppies, or helps children in need. Well, Lilly Research Laboratories has managed to secure this honor (and while we’re not entirely sure of their take on puppies, we’re optimistic that it’s equally positive). It’s not every day that a company can win such a prestigious award, but this biotech company has managed to do just that. 

Voted as one of Ethisphere’s most ethical companies, Lilly Research Laboratories has dedicated itself to the advancement of research, without compromising its values. Located in San Diego, Lilly’s commitment to discovery is only trumped by their vested interest in making life better for the citizens of this planet. Not only do they strive to be inclusive in their hiring practices, but they are also committed to increasing access to medicine by keeping their products affordable — while still maintaining a small environmental footprint and not sacrificing their ethics in the process.


One of the biggest issues facing disadvantaged populations isn’t just the glut of largely preventable diseases that can affect them, but it’s also the fact that accurate diagnoses are such a challenge to healthcare providers. In turn, many of them can fall through the cracks and not get the much-needed care they deserve. Unima, a pioneering biotech company founded in Prague, works to solve this problem. And while they may not be developing the next vaccine for cancer, they’re still making a valuable impact on disenfranchised communities.

Thanks to this biotech company, healthcare professionals are now able to easily and accurately diagnose a number of diseases in less than a quarter of an hour. More importantly, they’re able to do it onsite, without needing to lug around costly laboratory equipment or bulky tools with them. With just a tiny drop of the patient’s blood, Unima’s app can quickly run a battery of tests through the aid of machine learning and AI.

Altruism and Biotechnology: A Perfect Match

Of course, all of these biotech companies had their own humble beginnings, and have endeavored tirelessly to get to where they are today. For newer biotech companies in Southern California, the odds can seem stacked against them, making it harder for them to help do their part to make the world a better place. Fortunately, there are several supporting companies out there that also want to help do their part. A quick internet search will reveal services that can help startups gain access to expensive biotech equipment. Other support companies may offer rental program of equipment which would be more affordable, especially for biotech companies just starting out. 

For instance, VisiMix is helping improve plant facilities by transitioning chemical processes with liquid-liquid mixing impeller designs. They also help innovative biotech companies address engineering challenges using in situ tools.  All this to say, that help is available for new biotech companies who are seeking to improve the world.

The bottom line is this: doing the right thing doesn’t have to be some lofty, impossible goal. Ultimately, a corporation has a choice to make, and they have to decide if they want to use their powers for the betterment of humankind, or if they want to use it to line their own pockets. Luckily for us, these five companies have not only made the right choice, but they also made the good choice — and thanks to their valiant efforts, we can all reap the rewards of their selflessness.

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