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Highly regarded as one of the world’s top coffee varieties, Kenyan coffee is a must-have for any caffeine-lover’s pantry. It features a distinct dry acidity that’s similar to wine and is known for its pleasant aroma, rich profile, and complex flavors. If you enjoy Ethiopian coffee, this regional variety offers similar characteristics that are worth the try. 

How Kenyan coffee came to be is also a unique story. Coffee bean production was brought to the region in the late 19th century by way of French missionaries. But in the following decades, this East African nation was under colonial rule that restricted the way growers could produce coffee.

Despite these obstacles, Kenyan growers persisted to maintain the unique quality of the crops. Once the country achieved independence in the 1960s, production thrived. Today, 70% of Kenyan coffee comes from small-scale producers, which helps ensure a consistently diverse range of flavors. 

Read on to learn more about what makes this beverage so special and how you can find the best Kenyan coffee to enjoy at home. 

What are Kenyan Coffee Beans?

Kenyan coffee is a type of Arabica bean, which comes from a species of flowering plant that is believed to be the first source for coffee cultivation. Today, there are five different varieties of Kenyan coffee beans. Depending on the varietal, some beans may be better at growing with less rain, while others may be more resistant to plant diseases. 

Once cultivated, these beans are wet-processed. In simple terms, wet processing is when the bean’s hard outer shell is removed soon after harvesting when the coffee fruit is still moist. Wet processing helps enhance acidity and deliver the clean taste that Kenyan coffee is recognized for. 

Where to Buy Kenyan Coffee Beans?

Kenyan coffee is available at stores and cafes throughout the world, as the region is deeply integrated in the international coffee trade. However, since supplies can vary depending on production yields and the natural fluctuations of the market, it may not always be easy to find a reliable source for the best Kenyan coffee. 

These shopping challenges are why many enthusiasts opt to buy Kenyan coffee online from vendors that are rated for high-quality beans and known for having top products in stock. For example, you can shop Dark Horse coffee on to enjoy dependable access to top-tier Kenyan coffee at fair prices.   

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Dark Horse Coffee Roasters

Kenyan Coffee Dark Horse Coffee Roasters
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Dark Horse Coffee Roasters are known for their vibrant coffee shops found throughout San Diego. At their six San Diego locations, this brewer serves up an impressive selection of ethically-sourced direct-trade coffee from smallholder farms throughout the globe. In addition to selling single-serving brews in store, this local business also makes their high-quality roasts available online at, so coffee aficionados everywhere can enjoy their products. 

What is Special About Kenyan Coffee?

The majority of coffee producers in Kenya grow their crops on land found between Nairobi and Mount Kenya. With red volcanic soil, warm temperatures, and high elevations, this region delivers an unrivaled combination of growing conditions that give Kenyan coffee its celebrated taste and smell. Due to high-altitude growing, this type of coffee is also known to contain more nutrients than beans grown in other global regions—a benefit that gives Kenyan roasts a layered tasting experience. 

What Do Kenyan Coffee Beans Taste Like?

Kenyan Coffee Dark Horse Coffee Roasters
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Kenyan coffee generally delivers a medium body that can be appreciated by all types of enthusiasts. The combination of robust acidity and savory-sweet flavors makes each cup memorable. Depending on the varietal, roasted Kenyan coffee beans may present bold flavors—such as black currant sweetness or tart lemony citrus. While complex in its fruity flavor notes, Kenyan coffee maintains a bright, sharp, and clean brew. 

If the unmistakably recognizable characteristics of Kenyan coffee have whet your appetite, it’s easy to start brewing. Like many other types of roasts, Kenyan coffee is best brewed with a French press or pour-over method to maintain the bean’s rich qualities. Or if you prefer to highlight the floral and fruity notes of the bean, consider steeping ground coffee for 14-18 hours to produce a refreshing and clean cold brew. Whatever way you prepare your cup of joe, always opt to use whole beans—such as those from Dark Horse Coffee Roasters—so you can grind them right before brewing and enjoy peak freshness. 

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