How to Stay Trim on Vacation |

How to Stay Trim on Vacation

Ever feel like vacations lead to over-indulging and post-trip guilt? In sunny beachside towns like La Jolla, California, it’s easy to take a break that’s good for both your mind and body.

1. Select Activities that Excite You.

If you’re gearing up for a 2 hour kayaking tour, pumping your arms the entire time and busy high fiving and taking pictures after, your mind won’t have time to snack or daydream of fatty foods.

2. Avoid the Breakfast Buffet.

It’s easy to claim you’ll eat proper portions…until you step into the buffet line. With your brain scanning endless options of enticing looking foods, it’ll be near impossible to refrain. Even if your hotel has a buffet downstairs, see if they have a standard restaurant instead or head to a nearby cafe where you can order a single entree.

3. Pack healthy snacks.

If you go hiking and find yourself peckish, make sure to have a snack at the ready. If you hold off until a meal hours later, it can easily lead to a famished appetite and ravaging of pre-dinner bread and butter. Our favorite snacks to bring? Raw nuts, portable fruits like apples and homemade date-and-coconut bars.

4. Drinks or Dessert.

The average glass of wine is 123 calories. However, many restaurants serve it out in large goblets that contain far more, making it as many or more calories than a dessert. This is why we recommend:
1. Choosing either a drink or dessert
2. Asking to have the wine split into 2 glasses and then sharing both the drink & a dessert with a partner — the best of both worlds!

5. Choose a dimly lit restaurant over a bright one.

People eat about 18% less when dining in dim lighting. Why? Probably because the relaxed atmosphere encourages slower chewing. The slower you eat, the more time your brain has to realize it’s full and let you know to stop.

La Jolla, California really is the perfect spot for going on healthy-made-easy vacation. Check out specific best healthy entrees in La Jolla at this blog.