Balboa Park Botanical Building Set to Reopen in 2024 -

Balboa Park Botanical Building Set to Reopen in 2024

The Balboa Park Botanical Building and gardens, one of the park’s most visible and signature landmarks, will reopen this year.

The Botanical Building has been closed in 2022 for a much-needed restoration, since the building itself is more than 100 years old. Since then, the building has undergone the first phase of a reconstruction that saw its structure, windows, and walkways repaired, according to NBC San Diego.

Now, the Balboa Park Botanical Building is set to enter the second phase of the restoration, which will see the exterior gardens restored, reconstructed, and revitalized.

According to Forever Balboa Park, which is leading the reconstruction effort, phase two will involve improving the walkways around the building and revamping the gardens and irrigation systems that surround it. Additionally, the reconstruction will involve improving the pergola that stood near the San Diego Museum of Art.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Balboa Park Botanical Building, it is a must-see destination in San Diego (when it’s opened). Built for the 1915-1916 exposition, the building is one of the largest lath structures in the world.

Prior to its reconstruction, the Balboa Park Botanical Building held more than 2,100 permanent planets, including a wide range of tropical plants, palms, orchids, cyads, and ferns. It is truly a stunning place to explore.

When the building was closed for restoration in 2022, all of those plants were either replanted around Balboa Park or moved to an offsite nursery.

Forever Balboa Park is planning on hiring a contractor to complete phase two of the building’s restoration, and is now raising funds for its public engagement programming and its volunteer garden stewards program.

The Botanical Building will reopen to the public in 2024, though an exact date is still forthcoming. When it does reopen, you’ll want to plan a trip — so check out our guide to exploring Balboa Park!

Media credit: Image licensed from Adobe