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Harbor Island Marina Getting a $50 Million Overhaul

An aging Harbor Island marina is getting a $50 million transformation that will turn it into a boater’s paradise on San Diego Harbor.

The Harbor Island marina, built in the early 1970s, is reportedly long past its prime. Although once a bustling landmark, it now features a shuttered restaurant and boat docks that require replacing or repair, according to the San Diego Union-Tribune.

Local officials have been planning a sweeping overhaul and redevelopment for the past decade. Just recently, the Port of San Diego officially gave its final approval to a project that will revamp the Harbor Island marina.

The Harbor Island West Marina project, which was submitted to the Port in 2013, will create a “beautiful” and “first class” facility for boaters, tourists, and more.

The marina itself features 3.8 acres of land and 22 acres of water. The $50 million project that the Port approved will replicate nearly every single thing on site, including three wooden buildings that will need to be torn down and revamped.

In place of the current buildings, there will be 15,682 square feet of modern marina facilities, including a pair of two-story buildings that will house a main shower room for boaters and a retail storefront for yacht sellers and sailing instruction schools.

There will also be a lounge, workout room, and business center, as well as a pool area, lounge chairs, fire pit, barbecue, and a movie wall.

Put another way, the marina will house everything from amenities for boaters to retailers where you can find boats for sale in San Diego.

There’s currently no estimate on when the Harbor Island marina revamp will be completed, but there are still plenty of fun ways to explore San Diego harbor as soon as today!

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