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Ocean Beach Tent with $900 a Month Rent Goes Viral

San Diego is known for having some elegant and luxurious houses, but one Ocean Beach tent that went viral this week isn’t among them.

The ad, which was published to Craigslist’s housing board in early December, lists a 10-foot by 12-foot unheated tent in an Ocean Beach backyard. According to the ad, the housing option, which was $900 a month, was “ideal for someone who enjoys camping.”

Along with the actual Ocean Beach tent, the listing also boasted that tenants would have a full bed with a heated mattress, zippable doors and windows, clean backyard surroundings, and a “loving cat named Honey Mustard who lives in the home.” On the other hand, there’s also apparently a raccoon in the backyard that might surprise some tenants.

A screenshot of the listing on Monday

The tent listing also included all utilities and daily cleaning, as well as access to beach towels, boogie boards, and beach cruisers, according to local media. The tent itself doesn’t have a kitchen, but the $900-a-month rent included access to the main house on the property.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to live out your beach glamping dreams at this particular spot. Shortly after the ad was published on Monday, it was taken down by the author, local media reported.

It’s hard to say why the Ocean Beach tent ad went viral, though it’s likely because it’s an extreme example of San Diego’s high cost of living. By some metrics, San Diego is the most expensive metropolitan area in the entire United States.

In Ocean Beach, a low-key neighborhood of San Diego, the median price of a single-family home was $1.3 million as of October 2023.

Although the Ocean Beach tent may or may not be the cheapest form of housing in the area, San Diego has plenty of luxury real estate on the far opposite end of the spectrum. For example, check out the most expensive home ever listed in San Diego!

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