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Detox in North County San Diego

According to the California Health Care Foundation (CHCF), substance use has become a burgeoning and widespread epidemic in the state. In fact, studies conducted by the CHCF reveal that more than half of Californians over the age of 12 reported using alcohol or substances.  

Furthermore, a national survey of drug and alcohol statistics shows that almost 20% of San Diego County residents either struggle with substance use disorder (SUD) or have actively sought treatment for alcoholism or SUD in the last year.  

The irony is that while these statistics are staggering, surveys indicate only 10% of people in SD County actively seek treatment. That’s where detox in North County San Diego becomes the lynchpin in the efforts to heal families and communities in this region of California.

Drug and Alcohol Detox in North County San Diego

Taking these statistics into consideration, the need for innovative treatment and compassionate care for people struggling with drug and alcohol use is clearly a paramount need. Thankfully, rehabs in North County San Diego are plentiful and offer life-saving treatment for people in dire need of recovery.  

If you or a loved one is fighting the battle of alcohol abuse or SUD, you have ample options. From free rehabs in North County San Diego, inpatient, outpatient, alternative recovery therapies – there is a myriad of treatments available.  But how do you select the right kind of detox in North County San Diego that’s ideal for you or your loved one?  Read on for insights that will offer helpful information and hope. 

Where Can I Find Detox in North County San Diego?

Finding detox places in North County San Diego that ticks all the checkboxes isn’t always easy.  After all, addiction is a multifaceted disease and requires an equally multidimensional approach in treatment.  From treating withdrawal symptoms, addressing the disease, and providing emotional support for addictive behaviors – recovery is a complex proposition.  Therefore, those who struggle with SUD and/or alcoholism owe it to themselves to find the best alcohol & drug rehab in San Diego that addresses all of these concerns – not just treating the symptoms of addiction.

About Restore Detox Centers

Aeriel view of the Restore Detox Center in Poway, CA. Image courtesy of Restore Detox Center

When it comes to selecting the appropriate treatment among all the alcohol and drug rehab centers in North County San Diego, there is one beacon that shines brightly through the rest.  Restore Detox Centers near Fairbanks Ranch is unique from other treatment facilities in that they take a broad-spectrum approach.  The compassionate, highly qualified professionals at Restore assess the human behind the addiction.  With intense attention to both the hearts and minds of their patients, Restore tailors a specialized plan for each individual that leads a path to recovery and provides hope for their clients.  When you partner with Restore Detox Centers, you will receive an ally in recovery that cares about your wellbeing.  

Types Of Detox Treatments at Restore Detox Centers

Because Restore Detox Centers believes in a holistic, “whole picture” approach to recovery, you will find their treatments are equally varied, innovative and diverse.  For instance, Restore offers specialized treatments that stabilize, support and nurture their patients.  Restore’s certified, licensed therapists work side-by-side with residents to attain long-term goals.  These goals may include healing self-esteem, rebuilding damaged relationships, and releasing emotional trauma or ongoing guilt over addictive behaviors.  Moreover, Restore Detox Centers offers life-affirming treatment for all types of conditions, including detox for heroin, opioid, benzo, and methadone addiction. 

View of the heated pool and beautiful scenery. Image courtesy of Restore Detox Centers

Does Restore Detox Offer Residential Treatment Too? YES!

The caring professionals at Restore understand that a “one-size-fits-all” approach to treatment is not only impossible, it simply doesn’t work.  Everyone is different, and therefore, every treatment must meet unique needs for each individual.  That is why Restore Detox Centers offer residential treatment.  

The 30-day residential rehab program offered by Restore includes 24 hour assistance as well as luxurious accommodations.  Restore’s facilities feature all the amenities you might expect from a resort setting, including private bathrooms, a heated pool overlooking a scenic view, chef-prepared nutritious meals, and ongoing support you need to achieve long-term recovery. In addition to superior residential treatment, Restore also offers award-winning outpatient addiction treatment in San Diego North County. 

Costs & Financing Options For Detox in North County San Diego

A big reason individuals struggling with alcohol or SUD resist getting detox in North County San Diego boils down to the expense.  Restore Detox Center understands that addiction takes a tremendous toll on its own – it doesn’t have to take another toll on your budget.  That’s why they offer various levels of financing options so you can get the care and treatment you deserve without having to struggle financially. 

Does Insurance Cover Detox in San Diego?

In most cases, yes.  Restore Detox Center is in-network with Anthem and Tricare. This means that they accept most insurances such as United Healthcare, Cigna, BlueCross BlueShield and more.  Most of these insurances do cover most or all expenses of detox in North County San Diego.

Why Choose Drug & Alcohol Detox at Restore Detox Centers?

Restore Detox Center understands that you have choices when selecting detox services and rehabs in North County San Diego. That’s why we’ve made every effort to make our center as inviting as possible with fully accredited, world-class treatment.  Not only will you receive the support you need to attain long-term recovery, you will experience a welcomed respite from the clamor of life in our resort-style facility.  At Restore, we believe that detox and treatment requires effort, but it doesn’t have to be a trial of suffering.  We provide luxurious accommodations in an elegant environment that is surrounded by the healing beauty of nature that can only be found in North County San Diego.

Get Addiction Help in North County San Diego

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If you or someone you love suffers from alcohol addiction and/or substance use disorder, it may feel like you are in a vicious cycle without any hope of pulling out of an ever-downward spiral.  Restore Detox Centers wants you to know that long-term recovery is achievable. You can receive the help, restoration, and support you need to live a long, healthy, fulfilled life without alcohol or substances.  If you opt to choose Restore Detox Centers, we heartily and happily welcome you and anticipate being your powerful ally in your journey into life-saving recovery.  Whatever you choose, if addiction is making you or a loved one’s life unbearable, please seek help today.

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