Is Arizona 420-Friendly? What You Need to Know Before Lighting Up -

Is Arizona 420-Friendly? What You Need to Know Before Lighting Up


As many watch with great anticipation, the legalization of marijuana continues to spread from state to state. Currently, each state government has the right to create laws to restrict the growth, cultivation, sale, and use of marijuana and marijuana products within its own borders. 

Arizona is no different. The good news is that Arizona is 420-friendly. That means you can purchase marijuana at dispensaries in Prescott, Phoenix, Tempe, and all over the state.

However, there are a few things you need to know before you go lighting up in the Sun State.  First, while recreational weed is legal in Arizona, it is not legal to smoke in public. You can’t yet smoke on the patio at your local craft brewery or walk down the street with a lit preroll. Second, in Arizona, you need to be 21 or older to partake in recreational marijuana. Third, Arizona weed laws limit the number of plants you can grow. Additionally, there are distinctions in the law that allow medical users to possess more marijuana than recreational users and weed tax exemptions apply to medical users as well. 

So before you go out and stock up, let’s look at what you need to know. 

Are you wondering: “Is weed legal in Arizona?” The answer is yes, recreational weed is legal in Arizona. There are a few caveats, though. Medical marijuana has been legal in Arizona since 2012. It wasn’t until November of 2020 that Proposition 207 was passed so that you no longer need to be left wondering, is Arizona 420 friendly? 

You can now go to licensed dispensaries to buy marijuana for personal home use. You can buy flower, edibles, tinctures, beverages, and all manner of THC, CBD, and CBN products. You can even go to a marijuana social lounge to enjoy your weed.

Where to Buy Recreational Weed in Arizona

Where can I buy recreational weed in Arizona? You’ll want to go to a licensed dispensary. At, we’re partial to Cannabist Tempe. At Cannabist, you’ll find an incredible array of options for both medical and recreational marijuana users, and you’ll even be able to see their “bloom room” of live plants from the lobby. You’ll find delicious edibles, smokables, and even options to bake into something at home. All of their products are the freshest of the fresh, so you don’t have to worry about old or expired weed. Cannabist has a knowledgeable staff who are there to help you find exactly what you need, and it seems like they have a different discount every day. If you’re a veteran, senior, or student, you’ll qualify for a discount every single day of the week. 

Understanding Arizona’s Marijuana Laws

Arizona’s marijuana laws, such as possession limits, age requirements, medical vs recreational use, are all important to be aware of when considering consuming, purchasing, or carrying cannabis. Is marijuana legal in Arizona? Yes, to a degree. Medical marijuana patients have different possession and purchase rules as they pertain to weed. So that begs the question–is recreational weed legal in Arizona? 

In 2024, we are seeing major shifts within cannabis legislation. Prop 207 states that adults over 21 can legally possess up to 28 grams of marijuana–i.e. one ounce. You can cultivate up to 6 marijuana plants at home, 

Possession of less than 1 oz is no penalty, but more than 1 oz to 2.5 oz is a petty offense. Caught with anything higher, it is considered a felony and you may risk being incarcerated. For hash and concentrates, possession of less than 5g is no penalty, but carrying anywhere from 5-12.5 grams is a petty offense. Planning to sell weed? The sale of less than 2 lbs of marijuana is deemed a felony punishable for up to 3 years in prison and a fine of up to $150,000. Be mindful of how much weed you are purchasing and avoid driving or riding in a car with an open container of weed at all times, as you can face jail time and get a DUI, especially if you show signs of impairment.

Frequently Asked Questions 

There are so many questions that people ask about the legality of marijuana use in Arizona. Questions like: Can you take weed on a plane in Arizona? Can you go into a dispensary without a card in Arizona? Are there driving high laws in AZ? How many marijuana plants can you grow in Arizona? Find answers to all these questions and more below. 

How Old Do You Have to Be to Purchase CBD in Arizona?

Buying CBD is legal for people of all ages as long as the THC content is below 0.3%. This means that CBD lip products, creams, and salves are not regulated the same way that recreational and medical marijuana products are. When CBD is derived from hemp, this allows people to enjoy the many benefits of this plant compound. It’s often formulated into tinctures, oils, and other topical and internal products. 

If you want to know how old you must be to buy marijuana, that age is 21. Users of recreational and medicinal weed will not be prosecuted for using it as long as they abide by the laws that govern marijuana in Arizona. You can grow up to 6 plants in your primary residence only, carry 1 oz. of weed at a time when you’re outside the home, and you can have up to 0.18 oz. of concentrated marijuana at a time as well. 

Can You Take Weed on a Plane in Arizona?

The laws around weed get a little complicated when you want to bring them onto federal lands and federally regulated areas. In short, because weed is still not legal at the federal level, you cannot bring it on a plane with you. 

Can You Go Into a Dispensary Without a Card in Arizona?

Because lawmakers made marijuana legal in Arizona, it means that you no longer need a medical card to get into a dispensary. What you do need, however, is a form of identification that verifies your age. You need to have an unexpired license or government-issued ID that shows you are 21 or older to get into a dispensary to purchase either recreational or medical marijuana products. A medical card however, will offer you the right to purchase more weed products at a time than recreational MMJ users. 

Can You Go To Jail for Weed in Arizona?

In order to stay within the limits of the law, just remember that there is a 1-ounce limit for recreational users and a 2.5-ounce limit for medical users. Additionally, illegal trafficking of marijuana, like growing and selling weed from your basement or bringing it across state lines, can also get you into hot legal water. Is Arizona 420 friendly? Yes, but to be safe, please review the laws.

How Many Marijuana Plants Can You Grow in Arizona?

The great news about Arizona’s marijuana laws is that you can grow a small quantity of plants in your own home. If you own more than one home, you can only grow them in your primary residence. The law limits you to only 6 plants, but for the average recreational or medical user, this can be more than enough for their personal needs. 

What Cities in Arizona Have Dispensaries?

So now that we know the answer to the question “is marijuana legal in Arizona?” Let’s tackle what cities have dispensaries in AZ. With current laws in effect that provide more leniency on marijuana use and possession, dispensaries seem to be sprouting up all over Arizona. Some place Avondale, Cave Creek, Chandler, El Mirage, Flagstaff, Gilbert, Glendale, Goodyear, Guadalupe, Mesa, Peoria, Phoenix–which has a large amount of dispensaries, Queen Creek, Scottsdale, Sun City, Tempe, Tolleson, Tucson–another mecca of dispensaries, Youngtown, and a few other areas have dispensaries where you can purchase weed.

A couple years ago, Arizona residents would have to travel a lot further to find a dispensary. Now, locals have the luxury of shopping at one of hundreds of dispensaries in Arizona. Phoenix alone has over 100 dispensaries open for recreational weed users. 

Can You Buy From Multiple Dispensaries In One Day in Arizona?

Is marijuana legal in Arizona? Yes! Can you buy from multiple dispensaries in one day in Arizona? Also yes! Of course, there are rules around the amount of weed you can purchase from dispensaries within a 14 day time span, but there is no limit to how many dispensaries you decide to wander into to do some window shopping! The limit for medical patients on the amount of cannabis they can possess is up to 70 grams or 2.5 ounces within a 14-day window.

Is It Legal To Drive With Marijuana in Arizona?

It may not be illegal to drive with marijuana in Arizona, but it is certainly illegal to drive a vehicle while under the influence, especially if you do not have a legal medical marijuana card. Any signs of impairment–even for those who possess a medical marijuana card–can get a marijuana DUI, fined, and jail time. So while the answer to the questions, “is weed legal in Arizona” and “is recreational weed legal in Arizona” both a hard yes. you can only legally only transport 1 ounce of marijuana–anything beyond that is a felony. Having an open container is another story…just don’t do it. 

Final Thoughts on Arizona Being 420 Friendly

Is Arizona 420 friendly? The answer is a resounding, “Yes!” This is great news for the average user who enjoys the occasional bowl or likes to consume edibles from time to time. You’ll need to find a legitimate dispensary in Arizona that offers the products you want and need and whose staff are educated and friendly.


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