What To Know About San Diego Weather In February

San Diego Weather in February

San Diego is a year-round vacation destination for many reasons, from the World-Famous San Diego Zoo, incredible food, local casinos, attractions, great museums in San Diego, and oh, yes, the fantastic beaches, mild climate, and weather that makes San Diego so unique. 

Historically, February is a busy month in San Diego. Between conventioneers and tourists, nearly 1 million people visit San Diego in the month. Of course, it’s not as busy as the summer and spring break months, but with great weather, lower rates on hotel stays, and plenty of seasonal events in the area, February is a great time to visit America’s Finest City.

So, what is the weather like in San Diego in February? 

San Diego Weather in February

In February, the average weather in San Diego is a mild 65 degrees with a low of 51 degrees. The temperature ranges from 63-67 degrees during the daytime, making it perfect for a break from the winter. 

Rain isn’t too much of an issue, with an average of 2 inches of rain for the entire month, meaning that San Diego averages 21 days of sunshine throughout the month of February. 

As the weather is almost perfect, check out some of the local hotspots for food, shopping, and entertainment. Here are a few suggestions to check out:

  • Craft Beer Week: San Diego is a hop-head paradise with over 100 micro-breweries scattered around the area.
  • Museum Month: February has plenty of deals and attractions to spotlight the region’s numerous museums and attractions.
  • Whale Watching: The annual migration of gray whales takes place from late December through late March.
  • Torrey Pines Farmer’s Open: One of the more attractive golfing events in the country is held at Torrey Pines Golf Club. This exciting Open is held at the golf resort typically in the late part of January or early February.
  • Valentine’s Dinners: Recently, San Diego area restaurants were recognized by five different ones receiving a Michelin award. There are some fantastic eateries to check out from North County to South Bay and all spots between. So while you’re Valentine’s day shopping for him or her, think about splurging for a dinner that shows how much you really care.

How Is San Diego Weather in February?

The typical weather in San Diego in February is mild, with some chilly evenings. For locals, it may feel cold, but to snowbirds visiting San Diego from their winter roosts back home, San Diego may even feel balmy and warm. In general, the weather is more than comfortable with minimal rainfall. 

Is February A Good Time To Visit San Diego?

Truthfully, there’s never a wrong time to visit San Diego. With its mild weather, tons of beaches and attractions, as well as proximity to Los Angeles and Tijuana, Mexico, there’s plenty to do for everyone. But, if you want to enjoy San Diego without the summer and spring break crowds, then February is one of the best months to visit San Diego.

How Warm Is It In San Diego In February?

The average temperatures in San Diego range from 63-67 degrees during the day to 49-53 at night time. The closer you are to the coast, the more moderate the temperature range will be, with inland valleys seeing a wider difference between daytime highs and nighttime lows.

Is San Diego Sunny in February?

San Diego is famous for being sunny year-round, and February boasts 21 days of sun on average. There are 8 hours of direct sunlight daily, and the days run approximately 11 hours sun-up to sun-down. With so much abundant sunshine, outdoor activities, biking, hiking, surfing, and swimming are year-round attractions for locals and visitors alike.

Can You Swim In San Diego In February?

The average water temperature in February can be a bit cool but doesn’t drop below 60 degrees too often. There are occasional warming patterns, but those may be difficult to predict. In general, swimming in the ocean isn’t something that most consider in February, but surfing, paddling, and other water sports with insulated wetsuits are common activities. 

What Is There To Do In San Diego In February?

How’s the weather in San Diego in February? The weather is mild and sunny, there are plenty of things to do! If you’re looking for a romantic Valentine’s Day getaway, there are numerous amazing places to eat around the city. If you need date night ideas in San Diego, there are plenty of attractions, bars, and areas to consider. 

Additionally, whale watching in San Diego is a significant draw as the annual migration is nearing its peak in December through late March. 

Temperature in February

In February, the average daytime San Diego weather ranges from 63-67 degrees with a daily temperature of 65 degrees. Of course, there are some cold snaps, but those are few and far between. In general, the weather is moderate in February. Because the weather is so nice, there are plenty of places to relax in San Diego, whether you’re alone, with someone, or the entire family. 

Humidity in February

The relative humidity in San Diego is an average of 66%, with a high of 72% around midnight and dropping to as low as 50% at dawn. 

Sunshine in February

If you’re curious about what the weather is like in San Diego in February, just think sunny. The average month of February has 21 plus days of sunshine for 8 hours a day. 

Wind in February

February is one of the least windy months of the year, with the average wind at 6.6 mph. Because there isn’t too much wind, checking out the vibe near the coast is a great suggestion. Check out the Hotel Del Coronado’s Sun Deck for weekend live music and drinks or the Coronado Brewing Company in Imperial Beach near the pier for food next to the beach.

Rainfall in February

February averages seven days of rain, with a little over 2 inches of rainfall being the norm. Some storms push south, but on average, those last only two days of the month. A ruined outing at lunch or dinner is rare, with plenty of eateries offering indoor and outdoor options. Explore the zoo, museums, and eateries in the area around North Park and Balboa without fear that your outing would be ruined by rain. 

Clouds in February

San Diego weather in February is warm, sunny, and mild. Occasional cloudy days total 8-12 days, with most days having early cloud cover burning off later in the day. 

Ocean Temperature in February

The average ocean temperature in San Diego in February is a cool low-to-mid 60’s. Surfing and paddling are great activities to do, especially with insulated wetsuits. After paddling around or swimming at the Cove, you can’t go wrong eating and shopping along the La Jolla downtown.

Daylight in February

There are roughly 11 hours of daylight in February with 8 hours of direct sunshine. Plenty of sun, warm temperatures, almost no wind or rain mean one thing! Beach time! Check out Solana Beach, grab a pint at Pizza Port, or cruise down to Ocean Beach and have a snack at Wonderlands while you peer out along the jetty. 

Whether you’re looking for a romantic getaway, a trip for the family, or just wishing to spend some time near the beach, San Diego weather in February is unlike anyplace else. The mild temperatures, almost rain-free sunny days, and smaller crowds make visiting San Diego a great idea.