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20 Exciting Things to Do While High

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The possibilities are endless when it comes to things to do, see, and experience while high. More of a couch potato when stoned? Put on a good flick, plug in your PlayStation, draw a bubble bath, or heat up a frozen pizza and let your high marinade as you sink into your sofa. More of a hyperactive monkey or vibrant socialite? Throw on your dancing shoes and hit the town, go to a sporting event with your pals, or take a nice ocean dip in the heat of the Summer for an extra stimulating sensation.

Pretty much anything you enjoy engaging in while not under the influence of cannabis, you’ll likely enjoy all the same while stoney baloney. However, if you’re stumped on what to do with yourself once the cannabis kicks in–not a problem! We took the liberty of curating a list of fun activities for you to partake in that are all the more merry while high off that Mary Jane.

Things to Do While High

Cannabis can serve as a mood booster, a muscle relaxer, a social lubricant, and has the potential to totally shift your mindset. It can also be an activity enhancer, allowing you to tap deeper into your physical and emotional body, making activities you already love even more fun and vibrant. 

Of course, certain activities should be avoided while high–such as operating a vehicle.  Because your reflex speed and reaction times as well as vision are partially slowed, it is important to be mindful of the safety level of what activities you plan to engage in if you want to bring ganja into the mix. So long as you are responsible and mindful with your consumption, it will make for a positive and safe experience for all!

Now, let’s get to it and explore the best things to do while high.

Best Things to Do While High at Home

There is something so reassuring about getting high in the comfort of your own home. The privacy, safety, and sacredness of consuming cannabis under your roof or out on your patio, basking under the sun, can allow for softening of the mind and body. When we are in a judgment-free zone, unburdened by worries, it opens up a whole new avenue for creativity. We can let our guard down and feel safe to let the mind wander, flow, and explore. 

So what are some fun things to experience after inhaling or ingesting some reefer that you can do at your humble abode?

Take a Weed Nap

Among the best things to do when high, the easiest and most rejuvenating activity would be to do absolutely nothing! Depending on the strain, cannabis can be conducive to sending you off into a slumber. Opt for indica or CBN or CBD, put on some white noise or the sounds of ocean waves. and get ready to press the snooze. If you’ve got a hammock and some trees, or a spot in your yard or balcony to post up and lay out in, make it a double whammy and get some fresh air while you let your body recharge. You might even experience some crazy vivid dreams. For the restless sleepers, having a little bit of weed can help take the edge off the craziness of everyday life and grant you access to the rest you deserve.


What better way to get centered than to meditate while buzzed on cannabis? Meditation is a surefire way to calm the central nervous system and ease the mind. Statistics show that meditation can be a transcendental experience, and promote a sense of calm in your daily life. If you have trouble sitting still, soothe your swarming thoughts with a little help from Mary Jane.

Take a Relaxing Bath

When was the last time you drew a bubble bath? Bathing in the tub is a very intimate and relaxing way to ease joint pain, unwind, and let your racing thoughts dissipate after a stressful day. Not only will your skin appreciate you for showing it some love and care, but you’ll notice a shift in your energy after a pleasant soak. Oh, and that book you’ve been itching to finish (or perhaps forgotten about for months)? It’s ready to be picked up and absorbed in the tub by candlelight. But seriously, set the mood and take yourself on a date! The essentials include: Epsom salt, THC or CBD infused bath bombs, and a candle, a good book, and if you’re extra fancy–some flower petals. 

Watch Some Funny Videos

Who doesn’t love a good laugh? There are so many silly videos on the interwebs these days, and there’s nothing better than laughing till you cry. If you’re feeling a bit down, watching fail videos on Youtube or viral TikTok videos accompanied by some reefer is a quick and easy way to turn your frown upside down. There are also tons of comedy, live recorded stand up shows, and hysterical shows that can be accessed on a variety of streaming channels.

Listen to Music

If there’s one thing in life that’s certain, it’s that music holds immense power. No matter what mood you’re in, music can encourage you to tap into your feelings–sad, angry, blissful, nostalgic–you name it! Music connects us, allows us to communicate, express, and feel. If you’re feeling a little movement, dancing to music can be a great way to release energy as you listen to the rhythm. Listening to music can also work in tandem with tons of other activities too, such as cleaning your house, organizing your closet, sketching a drawing, or taking a leisurely, warm shower.

Cook & Eat

Any creative act while under the influence of cannabis can be a serious game-changer. We already know that munchies and weed go hand in hand, but how about cooking? Nourishing your mind, body, and belly with some tasty homemade eats is such a special way to connect to source and feel a sense of accomplishment as you enjoy your own creation. You get to have your cake, and eat it too! Just be cautious not to overeat, it can be easy to do when you’re high. Everything tastes a little extra delicious, and your brain might not register that you’re full as quickly as it would.

Play Video Games

Video games are a simple way to tune out the noise and tap into a different dimension, taking on the role of a character than yourself. Whether you’re a tortoise speed racing on the rainbow road or taking on a more serious role as first-person shooter in Call of Duty, it’s no question that one of the best things to do while high is to play a character and transport to another reality. Best part is, it doesn’t have to be a solo mission; you can play with friends or people all across the globe and interact virtually as you challenge each other or work together to achieve a mutual goal.

Explore Virtual Reality

Have you ever tried entering the virtual world of augmented reality? It’s a whole new experience, a tier or two  up from your average video game. Exploring virtual reality can be a simplistic way to escape the burdens of today for a glimpse into an alternate universe–free from the problems you currently face. You can explore zombie apocalypse games, first shooter ones, or go into a virtual zen garden to meditate, no matter where you physically are in your current reality. You can shop around in VR and purchase products, go to a virtual concert, or strengthen your form as a football player, all from your home setup! It truly is extraordinary, especially while baked.

Other Fun Things to Do While High

If you’re more the adventurous type and like to be out and about, there are plenty of fun things to do while high outside the house. Here’s a starter list to give you some ideas.

Go to the Cinema

Toke a little bit or pop a weed gummy and hit the theater to watch up-and-coming feature flicks with your boo, besties, or family. Going to the cinema is a low pressure activity to do while high, and you don’t have to worry about making conversation. You can sit back, relax, and get your munch on with some buttery popcorn and a bag of candy, and a tasty Slurpee to wash it all down. Some movie theaters even have reclining chairs or couches, and dine in services to help you reach a full sloth mode state of mind.


Perhaps you want to get a little frisky and talk it up with some friends, or make new friends with strangers. There are several brands that carry sativa and hybrid strains of flower and edibles that aid in confidence and mingling. You can grab your gal pals or bros and hit the park or beach for some games like bocce ball or charades, check out a cool museum and chat it up with the employees that work there to learn more about the art and exhibits, or spice it up by interacting with new faces in new places–perhaps at a bar or food event.

Enjoy Nature

Fill up your water jug, pack some protein bars, wear a hat and sunnies, and lather up on sunscreen–it’s time to head to the great outdoors and puff, puff, pass in the grass! Getting in touch with nature and away from the noise of the concrete jungle has healing benefits that are even more amplified with the help of marijuana. The scent of fresh air and the electric charge of the surrounding plant life, the sound of birds chirping and leaves crunching, the cooling effects of the wind amidst the intense heat of the sun. Smoking weed out in nature gives you superpower abilities to lean into natural sensations and express gratitude for Mother Nature and her mystical gifts. Nature is truly our playground!

Play Sports or Exercise

A bit of exercise or participating in some sort of sporting outing can be a stimulating way to accentuate your high. Breaking a sweat and getting the muscles moving will not only stimulate blood flow and increase your oxygen levels, setting your whole day up for success and improving your mood. If you’re not a gym rat or into studio classes, playing a game of pickup, or getting a crew together to play a sport is a spectacular alternative for physical activity that will allow you to build muscle and enhance your physical and mental wellbeing. If there is a sport you’ve been wanting to try, why not adventure out and try something new.

Play Board Games

Most board games aren’t necessarily a solo endeavor, but it is certainly a fun activity to immerse yourself in while high! Whether you opt for the more childlike games like Sorry! Or Hungry Hippos, or challenge yourself to a strategy-based, multi-hour game like Settlers of Catan or Ticket to Ride, playing board games offers a fun way to stimulate the mind and help turn on parts of your logical brain. Don’t have anyone to play with? No problem! There are dozens of games you can find in the app store and play virtually with people from all across the globe, or against the computer if you want an extra layer of difficulty.

Go Out for Munchies

Cooking sound too daunting and tedious of a task when you’re high? You might be better off getting out of the house and exploring a new restaurant to cure your munchies. If you’re not a fan of being out in public when stoned but want to avoid getting the pans dirty, an alternative option is to head on over to your nearest convenience store, grab some snacks and drinks to sip on, and retreat back to your home or a nearby park!

Attend a Live Performance

This one is for the drama club kids and those who love a good musical. There are countless live performances, comedy shows, plays, sing-along musicals, live bands, and open mic nights in Tempe, Phoenix, and other nearby cities. Cannabis can definitely enhance these events and allow you to really immerse yourself at the moment, feel empathy for the roles the actors take on, and feel into the experience.

Discover New Hobbies

There is no doubt about it that trying new hobbies can be both exciting and intimidating. It can be frustrating trying out something that you are not immediately good at, or don’t quite “get” right away, but getting high can be a great teacher and a friend when putting yourself out there and becoming vulnerable to new opportunities. If you’ve been wanting to dabble in cross-stitching for knitting, resin art, woodworking, roller skating, or really anything artsy, fartsy or random–there is no better time than now. Pinterest and TikTok are both great sources to get inspiration from on hobbies to explore.

Practice Journaling or Writing

The beautiful thing about journaling is that no one ever has to read it but you. Heck, you don’t even have to ever read it again if you don’t want to! Journaling is a powerful practice that can help you reflect, and you can follow along with journal prompts to get to know yourself a bit deeper, or write free form and just let your thoughts flow in a stream of consciousness. Sometimes something as simple as getting your thoughts and ideas out onto paper is a great way to awaken your imagination and remove stale energy. A brain dump–taking out the trash as some would say–makes space for new thoughts to flow and ideas to flourish. 

Engage in DIY Projects

Crafting and DIY projects are yet another spectacular pursuit to engage in when you’re high. Let the creative juices flow when you put brush to canvas and see where your mind takes you! Some DIY projects, of course, require a bit of planning and instruction-following, but it’s just as simple to flip the script from temporary frustration to an exciting creation you can keep for life. Note: we highly recommend you settle on a DIY project and purchase and prep the supplies before you consume cannabis, because there really is no telling how long this adventure will be once the weed hits.

Try Yoga or Tai Chi

As with meditation, yoga or tai chi are other methods to help center and ground. Yoga and Tai Chi both involve moving energy through the body and releasing that which no longer serves you in the process. Both are also great for muscle strength, flexibility, balance, posture correction, and controlled breathing. The heightened sense of awareness you might encounter after consuming cannabis can help you relax into the postures and feel less pain. 

Have a Cannabis-Friendly Picnic

This is one of those activities that you can literally do for hours. Prep a picnic basket, cooler, or tote bag with your favorite goodies, or pit stop at a local deli or sandwich shop and grab some food to go to chow down on at your favorite park, beach, or lookout spot. Don’t forget to bring speakers, a good book or journal, and a blanket or towel to lay on. Oh, and water! No one likes having cottonmouth out in public (or in general). A pack of cards wouldn’t hurt either!

Things Not to Do While High

Now that we’ve covered several fun things to do while high, let’s touch base on what might not be such a good idea to engage in after or while consuming cannabis. For starters, driving or operating a vehicle, such as a car, golf cart, electric scooter, dirt bike, skateboard, or other things with wheels. We encourage you to get loose from Mary Jane, but please be responsible and cautious when engaging in activities that could quickly become dangerous if people aren’t paying attention. Paintballing, ax throwing, cliff jumping, and pool diving are some other activities that could potentially be unsafe or unpleasant while under the influence of cannabis, so choose your activities wisely and play it safe!

Have Fun While High in Tempe

So we’ve gone over some of the awesome things to do while high, but let’s get more specific here. Tempe is a hip spot with tons of stimulating activities and chill zones to enjoy. You could get baked and go to Papago Park, the Tempe Marketplace, the Desert Botanical Garden, Kiwanis Park, the Tempe History Museum, or drive nearby to the Phoenix Zoo.

Shopping while under the influence of cannabis can be an exciting way to spend your day and reward yourself for an accomplishment or after a long week. Heck, another fun thing to do while high would be to shop for weed at a local dispensary. A fun little pre-activity activity would be to go on a dispensary run and hit a variety of dispensaries to stock up on some kush before a full day adventure.

Our favorite dispensary in Tempe is Cannabist, though there are tons of other boutique dispensaries such as Cookies, Sunday Goods, and Sol Flower. Cannabist has a massive selection of high grade products in everything from flowers and cartridges to edibles and topicals, and their daily deals will make your jaw drop. They carry your favorite brands in the biz and some local cannabis retailers, too. Don’t forget that the quality of your bud is important, so don’t skimp out on the good stuff by going with mediocre flower. If you’re not sure what type of product to purchase, just ask your trusty budtender for some recommendations based on what type of high you’re aiming to experience.


We won’t be the first ones to tell you that there are plenty of fun things to do while high, though we hope this article helped you get clear on a chosen path once you light one up–especially for the indecisive folks! Whether you decide to DIY upcycle a piece of furniture you found on Offer Up, picnic in the park at sunset with a homemade charcuterie board, or head to the theater to munch on popcorn and laugh your butt off during a comedic film, cannabis will serve as a natural mood enhancer and a vehicle to experience exponential fun.

Remember, you have the power to design your experience when you get high. Of course, it boils down to personal preferences, but there is no shortage of opportunities that await you.

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