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Weed Infused Restaurants in San Diego

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Although there are plenty of options in Los Angeles, finding a weed infused restaurant in San Diego is like finding shore when you’re out lost at sea–pretty much impossible at present. Truth be told, there aren’t any weed infused restaurants in San Diego–yet, that is. While twiddling your thumbs waiting for San Diego to catch up with modern times, you can hire a “cannabis chef” to prepare food for your own private party, and the experience is beyond worth it!

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Hire a Private Chef Who Specializes in Cannabis Cuisine

It’s 2023, and hiring a private cannabis-forward chef is as close as you’ll come to experiencing a weed infused restaurant in San Diego. Luckily, there are several mobile cannabis services that you can hire for a private party–whether to celebrate a birthday, an anniversary, or just for fun. 

These cannabis chefs pour blood, sweat, and tears into creating the perfect menu full of delectable eats and sweet treats, paying great attention to detail in the way each dish is prepared, plated, and dosed with THC and CBD. Each service offers their own unique flare on traditional and nonconventional dishes, leaving you with a full belly, rolling on the floor laughing and happy as a clam throughout your dinner. It truly is an unforgettable experience and worth every penny!

Of course, there is another, more creative option. If you are a do-it-yourself person, making an at-home DIY weed infused breakfast, lunch, or dinner might be the right choice for you.

Prepare Your Own Weed Infused Food

Don’t want to spend a pretty penny? Love to cook or picky with your food? Big on DIY projects? Why not get adventurous and buy weed at a dispensary to make your own cannabutter or cannaoil? You can use this weed butter with almost anything, allowing you the ability to cook whatever food you want while simultaneously feeling the psychoactive effects of cannabis. That’s right, you can create your very own weed infused restaurant in San Diego! 

There are tons of recipes online that give you step-by-step instructions on how to infuse homemade weed butter or oil into your dishes. To make the magic happen, you’ll need to hit a dispensary to pick up some fresh flower in the strain of your choosing. A top-of-the-line dispensary with high-grade products and a wide variety of buds would be your best bet, and our first recommendation to secure your goods would be at The Healing Center San Diego (THC-SD). They offer diverse strains of fresh, aromatic flower from brands like 710 Labs, Alien Labs, Ember Valley, and Farmer and the Felon. Be sure to check their website for epic deals and savings on your favorite products.

Once you’ve acquired the bud, you must choose your fat of choice–butter, ghee, or some type of oil all work splendidly. We advise you to go with unsalted butter if butter is the route you choose. The odor is about to overpower your kitchen, so air out your space by opening up some windows or using a fan to help the strong aroma dissipate from your kitchen.

Now that you’ve gathered your ingredients, it’s time to switch gears and put on your chef’s hat. You’re just a few steps away from infusing your food, and it starts with decarbing the cannabis through a simple process called decarboxylation–wherein you bake the flower–which should be broken up into decent sized weed nuggets. Baking the bud transforms the inactive cannabinoids–THCA and CBDA–into their active state–THC and CBD. This is our gateway into unlocking the psychoactive and medicinal effects of the cannabis plant.

Once the weed is decarbed, finely grind it–not too fine, but fine enough. Grab a saucepan, your baked buds, your choice of fat, and water. Simmer at low heat, keeping an eye on the pot to ensure it doesn’t burn. You’ll need about 4 hours on your hands to infuse the fat with your weed. This method provides a surefire way for the fats in the butter to bind with the weed for a purified weed infusion. 

The result? Powerful potency without an overpowering flavor. You want to enjoy the food you’re infusing, right?

Congrats! You’ve successfully made weed infused butter, and now it’s time to prepare a dish to infuse it with! Remember to always follow instructions to ensure you are properly dosing your dishes. 

If you’re not too keen about cooking, there is the option of going to a cannabis consumption lounge.

Attend a Cannabis Consumption Lounge

While still a relatively new concept, cannabis consumption lounges are popping up slowly but surely in California, in places like Los Angeles and soon to be San Diego. Sessions by the Bay, will serve as San Diego’s first cannabis consumption lounge, slated to open soon in National City. They’ll feature tonics, munchies, and cannabis to enjoy in a laid back atmosphere.

The great thing about consumption lounges is that you are able to consume cannabis outside of the comfort of your own home, legally, with other people–friends and strangers alike. Certain consumption lounges also allow you to order food from outside vendors, to help you ease your munchies after puff, puff, passing. 

If consuming cannabis infused cuisine sounds up your alley, we highly recommend you try out a private chef service that specializes in THC forward fine dining. Keep your eye on Sessions by the Bay to experience a consumption lounge in San Diego first-hand once they open their doors to the public!

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