La Jolla December News Roundup 2023 -

La Jolla December News Roundup 2023

December 2023 – As La Jolla’s honorary resident, Dr. Seuss, once penned, “How did it get so late so soon?” If it feels like you’ve just looked up with a dawning realization that not only this month – but the entire year is coming to a headspinning conclusion – you’re not alone. Everybody here at the newsroom understands December can be crammed with to-dos and bustling. That’s why we’ve stayed steady at the helm, preparing this latest La Jolla December news roundup just for you.

Peaks and Valleys of December

To paraphrase Parisian political theorist Madame de Staël’s thoughtful stance, “Progress is always made, but it’s progress that is made in spirals.” We’ve seen plenty of ups and downs this month, which is necessary for making our way into 2024, but some changes come with a wicked twist. Whatever the case, we’re here to update you on all the shifts and spins seen in December so you can look the upcoming New Year in the eyes with confidence and refreshing curiosity.

Culinary Quests Continue to Conquer Our Tastebuds

You may not know this, but we’re big foodies here at The fact we publish new and exciting happenings in the food scene every month serves as a testimony to the rich diversity and mindblowing culinary innovation we all enjoy here in La Jolla and the SD area. Our beloved town didn’t disappoint us in December because here we are again, sharing incredible foodie news stories for the month.

Taiwanese Treats Hit Mira Mesa

Got a hankering for a mochi donut with a boba tea? Maybe a pineapple tart with a taro smoothie? You can have all this and so much more now that Sunmerry Bakery has arrived in San Diego. Learn more about the three-decade history of Sunmerry and its future in San Diego here.

LJ Hotel’s Sea & Sky Sees Star-Studded New Chef

A planned new Hotel La Jolla restaurant has tapped a James Beard-nominated chef renowned for several local projects. Anthony Wells has reportedly been named the executive chef of Hotel La Jolla, where he’ll be opening and overseeing the new Sea & Sky, a new penthouse restaurant that will be situated on the building’s eleventh floor. Get all the details about La Jolla Hotel’s chef, Anthony Wells, who intends to revolutionize Sea & Sky here.

More Praise and Prestige for Paradisaea

No, this isn’t deja vu. The reason you keep seeing the tropical & Cali-inspired restaurant Paradisaea in all of our news roundups is because the proud proprietors at Paradisaea keep pulling all the punches in pleasing the public. This time, Michelin Guide bestowed the honor of “most interesting and new” restaurant. Get the full story about Paradisaea’s rise to popularity in Bird Rock here.

Harrah’s $24 Mill Reno Includes Two New Eateries

Quick-serve chicken joint, Best of Cluck, and Italian-centric eatery Corner Counter are two new additions we can anticipate, among other updates, as Harrah’s Resort Southern California puts a $24 million dollar renovation budget into action. Click to learn about the resort’s new makeover plans here.

Eyes on the Environment

Because the bodacious natural magnificence is so profoundly woven into our lifestyles, Southern Californians know firsthand how precious our natural resources are. In turn, La Jolla and surrounding San Diego conservationists have a keen sense of pride and commitment to preserving our environment’s stunning beauty and bounty. That said, here are a few news flashes we’re reminding you about in this La Jolla December news roundup.

Earthquakes Prompt Battening Down the Hatches

Did you feel any of the San Diego earthquakes? A series of temblors rattled parts of San Diego County on Nov. 30 and Dec. 1. Despite the number of temblors, no damage has been reported in the area. That’s a blessing, but there is more to learn about these quaking natural phenomena, and you can learn about recent earthquakes in San Diego here.

We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Boat: Great White Sighting in SD

This month, we saw drone footage capturing a great white shark zooming alarmingly close to a surfer in San Diego. While most human-shark encounters are blissfully uneventful, there are still precautions swimmers and surfers should take when braving the waters. Click here to learn more about this recent shark sighting (includes images of the shark swimming around the surfer).

Fin Whale Found Beached on SD Beach: Rare Event Says Experts

Back on December 11th, a juvenile female fin whale washed up on Mission Beach. The cause of death was unknown, but local marine and conservation officials are still trying to determine why the poor whale expired. Learn more about this tragic beached whale event, made more heartwrenching with a video of a bulldozer crew removing the body back into the sea.

Community Concerns

In this section of our La Jolla December news roundup, we want to share a few news highlights that took place in the community. From shop-owner concerns about recent robberies to new laws about consuming cannabis outside of work hours – we’ve got you covered.

Shopkeepers Brace for Burglaries Before the Holidays

A recent string of La Jolla break-ins is causing business owners in the Village to become concerned about security during the holiday season. In response, shop owners are ramping up security measures to coast through the holidays without further instances, hopefully. Get the full story about thefts in La Jolla shops here.

Have Your Weed & Smoke It Too: New CA Cannabis Laws

A new California law that will soon take effect across the state will protect workers from being discriminated against for off-the-clock cannabis use. This new law is great in shielding marijuana-using workers outside of the workplace. However, there are caveats. Read all about the conditions and potential this new cannabis law in CA poses here.

San Diego Shop Owners Sweeten the Pot to Reduce Thefts

On the heels of recent break-ins, shopkeepers and the San Diego Neighborhood Market Association have offered a $25,000 reward to anyone who provides valid information about the gunmen who robbed several stores earlier this month and in late November. The reward is meant to put an end to this growing concern and allay fears in the community. Read more about the plight of shopkeepers and their reward to set things right here.

Bonus Round: Tent Option for Permanent Rental?

On Monday, December 4th, a Craigslist ad went viral for advertising a backyard tent for rent in Ocean Beach for $900 per month. Nobody’s quite sure why the ad went viral, but we all know how screamingly high-priced housing is in the area. Read all about the Craigslist ad and the $900 backyard tent rental here.

Wrapping Up 2023 and Raising a Toast for 2024

As we say here in the newsroom, that’s a wrap for this La Jolla December news roundup. We hope this and previous issues illuminated your months throughout 2023. More importantly, we hope you continue to stick with us during 2024, when we will surely serve you more insightful news highlights. As always, thanks for reading! From all of us to all of you, Happy New Year!

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