La Jolla July News Roundup 2023 -

La Jolla July News Roundup 2023

July 2023 – “Life is at the beach. All you have to do is find your wave in July.” While the author is unknown, the sentiment of this quote sets a proper-good stage for this month – especially in terms of La Jolla July news. If you’ve been following this poetic wisdom and spending lots of time on the beach, you might have missed some of the newsy bits in LJ. Whatever the case, here is this month’s newsreel to regale you about what’s been moving and shaking on and off the beach in July.

And the Beat Goes On

Sonny and Cher got it right when they crooned “The Beat Goes On” in 1967. The tune sums up that no matter how crazy the world gets, we keep rolling with the times. That’s how this La Jolla July news roundup feels. No matter what’s going on, we La Jollans keep aspiring to move forward and make progress. Case in point, there’s been a lot of ruffling about parking issues, new e-bike regulations, and quite a stir about weather trends and the well-being of our beloved sea lions. If you’re intrigued, read on about these and other highlights for July in La Jolla.

Food First! (always!)

The verdict is pretty unanimous. La Jolla and San Diego always get top marks for the area’s best drinks, food, and restaurants. July was no disappointment with new happenings in the culinary scene. Check out these new tantalizing, tasty, treats on the foodie scene in LJ.

Foodieland Crushed the Gaslamp

Did you attend the annual Foodieland food festival in the Gaslamp Quarter this month? If not, you should have. With over 190 vendors, the air was replete with the aroma of intoxicatingly delicious foods being prepared for foodie fans all over. Click here to check out what you missed and how to attend next year’s Foodieland event.

Oceanside Restaurant Sees Stars (a Michelin Star, that is)

Northern Mexican food restaurant, Valle, in Oceanside is the proud holder of a shiny new Michelin Star this month as the Michelin Guide hailed the establishment for its refined, modern expression of authentic cuisine. Valle’s new star rising on the culinary horizon makes an impressive five Michelin Stars San Diego County can boast about. Check out what makes Valle star-worthy, and make plans to dine there by clicking for more info here.

Beach Blues

One of the sublime perks of living where we do is having access to majestic beaches. But it’s not all a party at the beach. Here are a few unsettling news stories we uncovered for La Jolla July news roundup about problems the area is encountering around our beloved beaches.

Beach Water Quality Gets an Update

SD County’s Department of Environmental Health and Quality recently added a new beach to the San Diego beach water quality list and advises people to avoid contact with the water at San Luis Rey River in the North County city of Oceanside. Get the full list of water quality advisories and find out more about how the county is addressing the problem here.

Algae Bloom Culprit for Sick Sea Lions

This month, we uncovered a story about sick sea lions and other aquatic animals washing ashore in San Diego caused by a record-breaking algae bloom. The toxic explosion of algae has been cited to make the animals aggressive, and beachgoers are urged to avoid getting close to the sea lions. Learn more about this unprecedented algae bloom and how it impacts sea life at the beach here.

Beach Bug Invades Pacific Beach (not what you might think)

On a more positive note, The City of San Diego has a plan to help parking in Pacific Beach, ease congestion, and increase sustainability. And it all has to do with a Beach Bug, a fuel-efficient vehicle that will shuttle beachgoers to the Pacific Beach. Read more about the Beach Bug and how it can positively impact the area.

More Developments in Local News

Our La Jolla July news reporters are always on the lookout for improvements and breaking news around town. These are some local news highlights this month that caught our eye.

Crack Down on E-Bikes

A new California e-bike bill could change the rules around who can ride electric bicycles, and may place additional restrictions on those that do. Some of the regulations include required driver’s tests and age limits for riders. Check out these new regulations for e-bike riders and how they can make our area safer for everybody here.

SD Rent Rates Surpass Priciest Cities

San Diego rents aren’t known for being low, and recently, the city has entered into the top three in the entire country for the highest rents, according to a survey conducted by Zillow. Learn more about where we fall in the rent range compared to other cities in the country here.

Too Hot to Handle

After months of below-average temperatures, a new San Diego heat wave in July threatened to bake the region with potentially record-breaking temperatures. According to the National Weather Service, SD should expect to feel the heat harder and longer this summer. Get more information about rising temps and future heat trends here.

That’s a Wrap

That’s all we have fit to print for this La Jolla July news summary. We hope these highlights helped you catch up with the happenings here and the surrounding area. And if the creek don’t rise, we’ll be back with more news scoops in the future. As always, thanks for reading!