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Point La Jolla Closure Could Be Extended to All Year — Here’s Why

San Diego is currently planning on extending the Point La Jolla closure for sea lion pupping season from six months to all year.

The San Diego Union-Tribune reports that San Diego City officials are working on a plan to extend the annual closure to be essentially permanent. Reportedly, the City doesn’t have enough staff to keep sea lions and people safe.

Point La Jolla is a rocky outcropping between Boomer Beach and La Jolla Cove. It’s a resting and pupping spot for sea lions — and has been closed during pupping season.

City Councilmember Joe LaCava, who represents La Jolla, told the Union-Tribune that the yearlong closure would mainly serve to protect the public. He added that many people don’t understand that sea lions can be dangerous, particularly during pupping season.

Potential closure area highlighted in red.

Currently, the City is communicating the Point La Jolla closure through signage, barriers, and chains blocking access to the area. The seasonal closure also applies to a portion of Boomer Beach. Going forward, water access would be available via a makeshift path.

The City is considering a yearlong closure because other solutions — such as posting park rangers or installing surveillance cameras — aren’t currently practical.

On the other hand, LaCava told the Union-Tribune that San Diego would fight “very hard” against any move to shut down access to La Jolla Cove. So while there’s a Point La Jolla closure, there won’t be a La Jolla Cove closure.

The plan to extend the Point La Jolla closure isn’t set in stone. Currently, the Coastal Commission has yet to sign off on it. Additionally, City officials will hold a hearing to let the public weigh in on the closure before it’s finalized.

At this point, the City hopes to have an amended permit allowing a yearlong closure green-lit by October, when the seasonal closure would normally end.