Best Places for Snowbirds to Winter

If you have the chance to experience the best of what North America has to offer in terms of climate, scenery, and culture, why not enjoy that opportunity?  That freedom is the essence of what snowbirding means!    What is a Snowbird? A simple Snowbird definition is someone who moves from the north to avoid the […]

Best U.S. Cities for Remote Workers

According to Forbes, 25% of professional jobs in the US are worked from home offices.  This trend is expected to grow in the future, especially if you factor in freelance workers conducting business from home, or small businesses operating in residences rather than brick and mortar buildings.   Remote work isn’t a new trend. However, the […]

Road Trip Guide: California To Texas Drive

Wide open spaces, invigorating views, inspiring landscapes – that and so much more awaits you as you set off on an adventure of a lifetime when driving from California to Texas.    Granted, a long road trip like this might seem a bit intimidating in length and breadth, but don’t let distance and time of travel […]

Complete Guide to Finding CBD in Tempe

As the non-psychoactive part of the cannabis plant, CBD (also known as cannabidiol) has been increasing in popularity across the world. Because it has been shown to help with a wide variety of health conditions – such as epilepsy, anxiety, and even chronic pain – the demand for it is understandably on the rise.  It […]

Is Arizona 420-Friendly? What You Need to Know Before Lighting Up

As many watch with great anticipation, the legalization of marijuana continues to spread from state to state. Currently, each state government has the right to create laws to restrict the growth, cultivation, sale, and use of marijuana and marijuana products within its own borders.  Arizona is no different. The good news is that Arizona is […]

Looking for Dispensaries Near Arizona State University? Try These

Located in the southwestern part of the United States, Arizona is best known for its many beautiful natural sites. These include the breathtakingly vast Grand Canyon, as well as the cactus-filled Sonoran Desert and Saguaro National Park. Other than its natural beauty, though, Arizona has recently been attracting visitors, tourists, and new residents alike.  The […]

Is Marijuana Legal in Arizona?

Arizona might be a few steps behind states like Colorado, Alaska, and California when it comes to decriminalizing and legalizing marijuana, but that doesn’t mean Arizonans haven’t been putting in their best effort to change Arizona cannabis laws.  After Proposition 205–an initiative to legalize the recreational use of cannabis–failed in 2016 with 48.7% of the […]

Top Places to Drive Your Jeep

Jeeps aren’t just vehicles. Jeeps create a lifestyle, a way of life. Jeep enthusiasts live to go off-road. And, if you’re a Jeep owner, you’re probably craving to drive in some really cool places. That’s why we’ve teamed up to provide you with some of the most killer places to drive your Jeep in California and […]

Dispensaries Near Sloan Park in Mesa, Arizona

When it’s February in Chicago, the high temperature might not even make it above freezing. But in the Tempe area, it’s not uncommon for temperatures to climb into the 80s.  Sloan Park is a baseball park in Mesa. It’s where the Chicago Cubs hold their spring training, which kicks off around March 1st annually. There […]

Dispensaries in Tempe, Arizona

Arizona is the great Grand Canyon state. With the titanic natural backdrops of golden citrus and violet skies gracing the rocky periwinkle mountainscape, it’s easy to see why people are moving here in droves. The great 48th, having legalized marijuana for medical and recreational use in late 2020, has seen a healthy boom in dispensaries […]