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10 Best Property Management Companies in San Diego

Finding a great property management company can be a daunting and even frustrating task. Many people do not know where to start when it comes to finding a property management company and may end up getting stuck with a company that does not preserve the value of the property or work to generate income.  The […]

Discover Why Entrepreneurs Start a Virtual Wholesaling Business

Investors and entrepreneurs love real estate. Real estate is one of those business opportunities with endless applications. Nowadays, entrepreneurs can do anything from flipping houses to renting out their spare bedroom temporarily to buying and selling real estate in their pajamas from home. No longer are real estate agents the only ones making a profit […]

San Diego Property Tax

The joys of living in San Diego are many and varied. California is a virtual wonderland for residents and tourists alike with stupendous sunsets, friendly neighbors, world-class dining, and endless attractions. However, not everything is bright and shiny in the Golden State.  Take San Diego property tax, for example.  Most residents will confess that property […]

Where I’m Spending $100 Million in June 2021 On a San Diego Real Estate Empire

Here’s the scenario: You wake up one morning and find your long-lost flash drive with 10,000 bitcoin on it, your Mega-Millions lottery ticket ended up a winner, or your app idea was just acquired by Facebook for 1 billion dollars –while you were asleep. Now you’re rich beyond your wildest dreams, and your new financial […]

San Diego Architecture

Just as San Diego itself is a melting pot of eclectic cultural influences that coexist here, so is the diverse array of magnificent architecture which can also be found within our city limits. From our graceful and regal Victorian homes, to the stark and bold Contemporary residences that line our streets, our beautiful city has […]

San Diego Storage Containers

It doesn’t matter if you live in San Diego or are moving to the area, you may come to realize that you need a storage container for one reason or the next. Get this: the mobile storage services market in the United States is closing in on $10 billion/year.  This statistic alone shows how many […]

Exploring La Jolla As Your Potential New Home

You’ve been to La Jolla a few times before, and each time was a great experience. Whether you’ve vacationed there with your kids, traveled for corporate events, or dropped by to visit friends and family, the diverse culture, great food, and plethora of activities in this sunny beach town hold a special place in your […]

How San Diego Private Equity Can Help Your Local Business Reach Its Full Potential

By leveraging San Diego private equity investments, local businesses are increasingly finding solutions to their expansion needs. In addition to much-needed capital, a San Diego private equity firm can also provide invaluable expertise in helping you identify the right strategy and take full advantage of available opportunities. When planning and setting goals, partnering with a […]

San Diego’s Five Best Neighborhoods For Fix & Flip Properties

5 Best Neighborhoods in San Diego for Your Next Fix and Flip Located next to the ocean and 2 hours south of Los Angeles, San Diego is called “America’s Finest City” for a reason. The combination of perfect weather, pristine beaches, beautiful parks, and big city feel attracts people from all over the country looking […]