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Honey Jam Chicken & Beer: Korean Soul Food Landing in La Jolla

A new spot for Korean soul food, beer, and soju has landed in the University Town Center area. Enter Honey Jam Chicken & Beer.

The new restaurant will serve up a diverse menu of Korean-style fried chicken, including flavors ranging sweeter options with house-made seasoning and smoky honey butter sauce and a Saigon version with fried onions.

True to its name, Honey Jam Chicken & Beer will also serve up various Korean beer options, as well as a full range of soju — including soju cocktails such as a Soju Sunrise and a Yogurt Soju.

There will be more than just chicken and beer at the restaurant, which promises to offer a full range of Korean pub food. Expect dishes such as beef bulgogi, kimchi fried rice, kimchi pasta, and different flavors of tteok-bokki, which are chewy rice cakes simmered in delicious sauce.

As far as the name “honey jam,” the restaurant’s moniker is a translation of the Korean word “gguljem.” The slang term roughly means “having a good time,” which bodes well for the restaurant’s first customers on opening weekend.

Honey Jam Chicken & Beer is the brainchild of owners Jin Park and John Tran, who have worked at various Korean cuisine spots throughout Southern California. In fact, Tran currently owns bubble Arteazen, which is also an offering located down the street from the Westfield UTC mall.

The restaurant is currently open from 11:30 a.m. until 3 p.m., and from 3 p.m. until 11 p.m. According to Eater, the team is working on extending the hours to 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. on weekdays and from 11 a.m. until 1 a.m. on weekends.

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Media credit: Images courtesy of Honey Jam