Top 13 Pediatricians in San Diego

Finding quality medical care is at the top of the list when you find out you’re pregnant. Not only do you need to find an excellent OBGYN, but you’ll also need a great pediatrician for after the baby is born. Looking at a list of pediatricians from your insurance company can feel overwhelming. Who are […]

RV Camping in San Diego

San Diego is well known for its attractions, its nightlife, its beaches, and its beautiful weather. As one of America’s top vacation cities, San Diego can get quite crowded and even more populated often, especially for tourists. However, if your idea of a great vacation doesn’t include nights in a hotel, you can find plenty […]

San Diego Daycares

When it comes to your child, only the very best will do. With parents busier than ever, especially with pandemic stress, balancing obligations has become extremely challenging. It’s reassuring to know there are options when it comes to finding quality and reliable child care. While the pandemic has drastically shifted the lives of many in […]

Benefits of Online Learning

Online learning, a practice formerly uncommon and frowned upon, is now becoming the future. Our world is digitizing, and so too, is our education. With a click of a button, the world is at our fingertips, including new opportunities to expand your worldview, ingratiate into new cultures, sharpen time management skills, develop technical skills, and […]

Travel Plans? Tips for Homeschooling on the Road

You’ve decided to take your vacation late and are embarking on a trip to Seaworld with the kids in tow. The only problem is, school is in session, and though you homeschool, you’re not sure how well it will work while traveling and on vacation. However, you and your family really need to get away […]

San Diego Halloween Events For Kids

Note: This list was updated Sept. 2, 2021, with the most current information we’ve been able to find — including dates, times, and cancelled events. Unfortunately, COVID seems to have taken its toll on kids halloween events in San Diego for a second year in a row; we had to move SIX events down to […]

La Jolla Cove 4th of July Fireworks: Things to Know Before You Go   The annual fireworks show in La Jolla has been a beloved attraction for locals and visitors for more than 25 years. Each July, friends and family gather to watch the awesome display over the picturesque La Jolla Cove. The 30-minute display begins at 9pm sharp and is best viewed from Ellen Browning Scripps Park at the […]

Family Fun in La Jolla

Between the waves crashing dramatically against jagged cliffs and the intrigue of secret caves, the La Jolla shore certainly brings a level a mystery and majesty to the San Diego portfolio. So, it’s no surprise that La Jolla is a favorite destination for locals and tourists alike. From superb dining opportunities to outdoor adventures, you’ll […]

Schools in La Jolla, CA

If you have children or know you may one day, you know how important schooling is or will be. With such variance in education, you naturally want to make sure your child is getting the right experience, the best one for helping them to grow and succeed. La Jolla has numerous public and private schools […]