La Jolla January News Roundup 2024 -

La Jolla January News Roundup 2024

January 2024 – Can you believe we made it to 2024? We hope your January has been replete with all the hope and anticipation that goes hand-in-hand with a brand-spanking new year on the books. But, if your beginning days have been a bit wobbly, we’re here to remind you that life goes on and the march of time keeps trudging forward. Just take a look at our recent happenings in this La Jolla January news roundup, and you’ll see the proof of progress this month and beyond.

Fearless In the Face of Change

That’s all we can say about our sweet seaside haven and its residents. Why? Because if we do anything well, it’s embracing change and fearlessly facing forward in our admirable pursuit to improve our lives and our environment. To wit, here are a few highlights demonstrating our resilience and dauntless determination in our efforts to create enriched lifestyles and a better world (at least, in our precious corner of it).

Fresh & Fabulous Food News

We believe in putting our best foot forward in the La Jolla newsroom. That’s why we always start our newsletter roundups with food news! The culinary offerings in SD County are undeniably the best in the Golden State (and we daresay the best in the nation!). Ready for exciting foodie updates? Let’s roll this beautiful food footage!

Empanada Extravaganza

Craving a handheld bite of food bliss? Head on over to the Empanada Kitchen, which recently opened its fourth eatery in La Jolla this month. As their name implies, this casual restaurant serves up fresh, flaky empanadas that are sure to crush your cravings for authentic Argentine flavors. You’ve got to try the mushroom & goat cheese, or the bacon & egg, or the sweet corn & basil, or the….well, you get the idea – try them ALL! Get all the juicy details about Empanada Kitchen here.

French Desserts Never Tasted So Good

You might be familiar with classic French chef Clément Le Déoré from his time working at Le Parfait Paris or catering for the esteemed Hotel Del Coronado. Now you can taste his exquisite French culinary delights more sufficiently because the much-lauded chef has opened his stand-alone restaurant in Pacific Beach called Desserts by Clément. Learn more about Le Déoré’s new restaurant & his yummy offerings here.

SD Makes Eatery History (on Yelp)

We don’t envy the monumental task it must have been for Yelp to determine the top 100 best places to eat for 2024 in the US. However, we are in wholehearted agreement with the four restaurant picks in San Diego that made their “best-of” list! And the San Diego Yelp listers are…..psych! We’re not going to tell you! But we’ll let you see the four Yelp restaurant list-makers for yourself here.

New Laws & Big Changes in Community News

If you recall, we hinted at the indefatigable spirit of San Diegan’s, as we always seem to push forward for progress in our community. These new laws and significant changes in our community stand as shining examples of our commitment to improvement in SD County.

January 1st Marks Advent of New Laws in the County

From new traffic regulations to a boost in minimum wage – local legislation has slammed the gavel on some new laws that will impact the community. We’ve apprised you about previous law-making feats that took place last year, but you’ll want to check out these four new laws that went into effect at the beginning of the new year.

Can AI Save Us From Dreaded Traffic Jams?

While SD is inarguably a paradise in which to live, being a resident isn’t all rainbows and unicorns. We’re talking about those dreaded (and often inevitable) traffic jams in certain areas of the county. But what if Artificial Intelligence (AI) could remedy those nail-biting car backups? Click here to learn about potential plans to use AI to improve traffic conditions in San Diego.

Hidey Ho Neighbor! San Diego Neighborhoods Tapped as Friendliest in US

It’s no secret that we San Diegans are a friendly bunch, and now we have legit street cred when it comes to the most cordial neighborhoods in the country. A home improvement company, All Star Home, set out to find the friendliest neighborhoods in America, and San Diego made the A-grade – not once, but twice! Check out the two friendliest San Diego neighborhoods here.

58-Year-Old Ocean Beach Pier Gets Makeover (eventually)

Since 1966, the Ocean Beach Pier has been helping over 500,000 travelers and commuters get to their destinations each year. It’s also a visual landmark much beloved by locals, and it’s been a hot spot for folks seeking to nab their best catch while fishing off the pier. But the pier has seen better days, prompting the City of San Diego to officially post a notice of its intent to demolish and/or replace it. Learn more about the future of OB Pier here.

Weather Woes & Environmental News

When it comes to weather, SD is the envy of the nation with its ocean-fueled breezes and accommodating temperatures. Furthermore, you know as well as we do how rabid San Diegans are about preserving our cherished environmental ecosystems that are so unique to our area. To illustrate, here are the top news briefs we covered on weather and environment worth a review.

King Tides Break Royal Records

A mixture of cosmic and earthly forces created some of the highest king tides of the year in San Diego. The king tides were anticipated to crash on beach coastlines on Thursday, Jan. 11, and Friday, Jan. 12, breaking high tide records in their wake. Learn more about king tides and surf advisories here.

Air Quality Concerns

If you asked Alexa or opened the weather app on your smartphone, you may have noticed that San Diego’s air quality index was at 107 earlier this month, which is “unhealthy for sensitive groups.” Some San Diego residents may even be seeing hazy weather outside. Click here to learn why air quality is currently down and responses to the issue.

Residents Cope In Aftermath of Wicked Storm

On Monday, Jan. 23rd, a Pacific Storm brought unexpected amounts of rain to San Diego County. Inevitably, this triggered serious flooding, causing some road and business closures. The impact upturned some neighborhoods to the extent that the City of SD declared local states of emergency for much-needed financial relief. Learn more about flooding woes and potential relief here.

Bonus Brief: Balboa Botanical Building Slated to Reopen

As you may already know, the 100-year-old Balboa Park Botanical Building has been closed for essential repairs and restorations. After closing for TLC in 2022, officials say the building is scheduled to reopen this year. Click here for details about the grand reopening and learn about the much-needed restoration process for this beloved landmark.

Happy Trails, Until We Meet Again!

In classic Roy Rogers style, we bid you farewell for January. But we’ll meet you again in February with new headlines and hot topics. We hope you enjoyed this issue of our La Jolla January News Roundup. If you did, don’t be shy – tell your friends and family to subscribe to our newsletter! Meanwhile, we’ll be busy on the beat, providing you with all the highlights fit for digital print. Until then, be well and stay fabulous, La Jollans!

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