8 Must-Try La Jolla Breakfast Spots: Top Places to Fuel Your Day

8 Must-Try La Jolla Breakfast Spots: Top Places to Fuel Your Day

You know the saying: breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Well, it’s true! Eating breakfast has not only been shown to promote weight loss by jump-starting your metabolism, according Deborah Enos of Live Science, indulging in a morning meal has been linked to improved cognitive brain function, higher memory retention, and lower risk of heart disease. Not to mention it’s simply delicious — and these La Jolla breakfast spots are no exception.

So the next time you’re in La Jolla or La Jolla Cove, do yourself a favor and give one of these local La Jolla breakfast restaurants a try!

Why La Jolla is a Breakfast Paradise

The freshest of fresh ingredients and health-conscious options such as gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian, etc. – all of these factors contribute to La Jolla’s bodacious breakfast scene.  Additionally, LJs proximity to the ocean means we have some of the best seafood in San Diego. Moreover, La Jolla breakfast restaurants are manned by culinary craftspeople from vibrant and diverse cultures, which influences the style, taste, and flavors of crave-able breakfast dishes.  

The Best Breakfast Spots in La Jolla

A ton of restaurants in San Diego and La Jolla are arguably the best in the world – so how do you choose the best breakfast joint in LJ? We’re here to help narrow down your choices.

On-the-Go Breakfast: Brick & Bell Cafe

Headed into work or need breakfast in La Jolla between appointments? Brick and Bell Cafe is a bustling spot full of people on the run who still want a good morning meal. This bakery and cafe is famous for its baked goods and deliciously fresh coffee. They’re especially well known for their scones; but their buttery croissants and hearty banana walnut bread are equally as delicious. Select any of these or one of their breakfast sandwiches (all at incredibly reasonable prices) and pair with a coffee or tea for a boost of energy.

They have two locations now: one in downtown La Jolla and one at La Jolla Shores business district.

Signature dishes and must-try items

  • California Veggie Club with avocado, mile chipotle sauce, and loads of fresh veg
  • Sunrise Sandwich with bacon, eggs, tomato, and cheddar cheese on your choice of bagel, croissant, or wrap (veggie meat substitutes are available)
  • Apple cinnamon walnut raisin scones are delish!

Sugar and Scribe Restaurant and Bakery

Sugar and Scribe is a dynamite place to enjoy thoughtfully crafted breakfast dishes made from scratch every day by Food Network champion, Chef Maeve.  They serve brunch all day long, and their dog-friendly patio allows you to savor a buttery croissant with your cuddly canine. They stick to their culinary roots with full Irish breakfasts, Emerald Isles waffles, and glorious in-house baked goods.  With rave reviews from Yelp and San Diego Magazine, Sugar and Scribe will not disappoint in satisfying all your breakfast cravings. Breakfast in La Jolla never tasted so good!

Signature dishes and must-try items

  • Lemon curd pancakes served with orange-cardamom syrup and blackberries
  • Crabby Royale Benedict with poached eggs, crab cakes, avocado and spicy hollandaise
  • Irish sausage rolls & eggs with imported Irish pork sausage, puff pastry, and cranberry chutney

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Breakfast with an Ocean View: Brockton Villa

Two words: Coast Toast. This orange-zest, award-winning souffle French toast is reason enough to check this place out. Offering a variety of breakfast items, from nutritious veggie burritos to decadent Eggs Benedict and pancakes, there’s something for everyone at this decadent, sit-down venue.

Here you can have a proper La Jolla Cove breakfast, because the view from Brockton Villa overlooks La Jolla Cove and the beautiful Pacific Ocean. It can be enjoyed from either indoor or outdoor seating. Our only warning: a slight aroma can sometimes arise from the nearby sea lions! However, with the breathtaking view, it’s nothing that should stop you from trying this incredible restaurant.

Signature dishes and must-try items

  • Sweet & Savory Coast Toast with bourbon maple bacon, shaved parmesan, fresh rosemary, and pistachio dust
  • Vegetarian Chilaquiles with steam-scrambled eggs, toasted tortilla chips, roasted poblano pepper, jack cheese, smashed avocado, and topped with ancho-chile salsa, pico, and sour cream.
  • Big Bad Wolf – scrambled eggs, pork sausage, honey ham, bacon, cheddar, and rosemary fennel potatoes

Old-School Diner: Harry’s Coffee Shop

Harry’s Coffee Shop is the oldest, family-owned diner in this neck of the woods. It’s been serving up classic breakfast food (and non-breakfast food like burgers and sandwiches) since its opening in 1960 and has a true locals vibe; it’s definitely a beloved local icon and is a must-visit if this is your first time to La Jolla.

Signature dishes and must-try items

  • Chicken fried steak atop a crispy thin waffle smothered with sausage gravy and maple syrup
  • Bacon pancakes with bacon cooked inside plus two strips of bacon on top with warm maple syrup
  • Raisin French toast topped with berries, bananas, pecans, whipped cream, and maple syrup

Tip: Look for their infamous “Wall of Fame” when you walk in; it’s a tribute to the founder’s, Harry Rudolph himself, love of baseball!

Pancake Lovers: Richard Walker’s Pancake House

Pancakes are an American breakfast staple. At Richard Walker’s Pancake House La Jolla, Choose from a wide variety of types, such as the famous Apple Pancake, German Pancake (which comes with whipped butter, lemon, heavenly maple syrup and lots of fluffy, powdered sugar) or “Pigs in a New Car” (Pancakes rolled with sausages in the middle).

If you’re with a friend or group who isn’t a pancake fan; no worries. Their menu has plenty of other options like Corn Beef Hash and the Eggs Benedict English Muffin.

Signature dishes and must-try items

  • Thin Swedish Pancakes served with Lingonberries
  • Potato pancakes served with applesauce and sour cream
  • French strawberry crepes topped with powdered sugar and tropical sauce

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Hidden Gem in Heart of the Village: Coffee Cup

This next feature on our restaurants in La Jolla guide has an unassuming storefront with an incredible menu.  Coffee Cup sits near Burger Lounge, close to the heart of downtown La Jolla. Many of their dishes are a magical fusion of Asian and Mexican cuisine, utilizing unique ingredients for both their breakfast and lunch entrees.

Top breakfast recommendations include: the Pesto Scramble, Soy Chorizo Scramble, Breakfast Enchiladas, and Coffee Cup French Toast. (No matter what, though, the crispy rosemary potatoes are a must try and are included with several of the meals.)

Signature dishes and must-try items

  • Coffee Cup Rosemary – Crisp rosemary potatoes, scrambled eggs, green onions, tomatoes & grilled rosemary bread
  • Breakfast Enchiladas – corn tortillas filled with eggs & jack cheese smothered in homemade enchilada sauce topped with shredded lettuce, avocado, tomatoes, green onions, cilantro & sour cream
  • Zen Breakfast – Marinated grilled tofu, egg whites, brown rice, zucchini, green onions & tomatoes. Served with salsa

Best All-American Breakfast: The Cottage

The Cottage La Jolla is a veritable institution here in the Village! Though they do also serve lunch and dinner (during the summer months), they are definitely most famous for their breakfast. Most notably: the Brioche French Toast, a Cottage specialty (complete with bourbon-pecan, banana-citrus caramel, or seasonal warm fruit and cream topping) and the Lemon Ricotta Pancakes are seriously delicious.

If you want something more savory, they also offer several egg combos, omelets, Eggs Benedicts, and classic breakfast plates; but really, you can’t go wrong with anything on their breakfast menu! And if you want to take your brunch party out of La Jolla, don’t miss our article about the best places for brunch in San Diego.

Signature dishes and must-try items

  • Stuffed French toast made with brioche bread, strawberry compote, and mascarpone
  • Southern California omelet with bacon, guacamole, cheddar, & sour cream
  • Crab & prosciutto benedict – poached eggs, blue crab, prosciutto, with Old Bay hollandaise sauce over rosemary and olive oil bread slices

Vegan Rooftop Breakfast: Trilogy Sanctuary

On a rooftop on Girard Street about a block from Von’s, you’ll find delicious vegan breakfast options such as acai and pitaya bowls, smoothies, ‘eggz’ Benedict, trilaquilles, veggie scrambles, breakfast burritos, a parfait, savory breakfast crepes, avocado toast, chia bowls, and a personal favorite, the Trilogy pancakes. The food is 100% organic, vegan, gluten free, and soy free, with no refined sugar.

The rooftop cafe provides views of surrounding La Jolla and–sometimes–views of aerial yoga students.

Signature dishes and must-try items

  • Gone Bananas – peanut butter & hazelnut spread, sliced bananas, and hemp seeds atop a grain-free Pacha bun
  • Eggz Benedict – on a muffin or buckwheat pita, served with cauliflower eggs, avocado, eggplant bacon, tomato, cilantro, and hollandaise sauce
  • Coconut Yoghurt Parfait made with probiotic coconut yoghurt topped with almond butter, mixed berry sauce, homemade granola and fresh fruit

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some La Jolla breakfast spots on the beach?

Enjoy your brunch overlooking the mesmerizing Pacific Ocean and enjoy La Jolla breakfast with a view at places like George’s at the Cove, Dukes, The Cottage, Cody’s La Jolla, Brockton Villa, or Caroline’s Seaside Cafe. The La Jolla Bed and Breakfast Inn also has Pacific Views if you’re looking to stay where you have your brunch.

What is the best time to go to La Jolla Cove?

It depends on what you want to do.  For the best weather, go mid-March to Mid-August.  If you want to beat the crowds, go early in the morning.  For the best parking options, go early and if you want to swim in the tidal pools, go at low tide.

Is La Jolla Cove free?

Yes! It’s one of the few natural wonders left that costs nothing to enjoy and it’s open to the public 24/7. 

Why is La Jolla famous?

It depends on who you ask.  If you talk to an OG surfer, they’ll tell you it’s one of the hottest spots for surfing and surf culture in the state (if not the planet).  In general, La Jolla is famous for its outstanding year-round weather, world-class beaches, incredible marine life, endless water activities, shopping, entertainment – and oh – there’s always great food like brunch, of course – but there’s also the best pizza in La Jolla that can’t be denied.

What time does breakfast service end in La Jolla?

You should check the hours before you go, but in general, breakfast service starts to wrap up around 2 – 3 p.m.  However, there are other LJ restaurants that serve brunch and breakfast all day long. 

Do any breakfast spots in La Jolla offer takeout options?

Absolutely.  Pretty much all La Jolla breakfast spots have take-out options. Call or check their website first. 


Is your mouth watering yet? Ours are! We might just beat you to the bunch and head on out to one of these La Jolla breakfast and brunch spots ourselves.  Without a doubt, this is the place for all types of breakfast experiences. From ocean views to vegan delights – La Jolla is the place to get your most important meal of the day.  And don’t miss out on other mind-blowing meals served in our town.  From the best Italian restaurants in La Jolla, ramen, succulent sushi, fabulous Mexican – you name it LJ has seriously good eats! Bon appetit!

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