La Jolla Sea Lions Safety: Experts Warn Visitors to Stay Back -

La Jolla Sea Lions Safety: Experts Warn Visitors to Stay Back

If you’re heading to La Jolla this summer, you should know how to safely deal with the seals and sea lions that live there. Here are some expert safety tips.

The La Jolla Cove seals and sea lions are an iconic part of visiting the jewel of San Diego. But although watching the majestic animals can be an amazing experience, it’s important to keep in mind that you should give them their distance.

According to the local Seal Society that advocates for and protects the marine animals, there are currently at least nine sea lion pups around La Jolla. As such, experts in animal behavior are urging the public to stay back.

Although normally docile, seals and sea lions are big animals that have been known to bite humans that stray too close. And, of course, there are some videos of sea lions actually charging people on the beaches around La Jolla Cove.

Here are some safety tips for viewing La Jolla sea lions.

  • Give them space: Experts recommend that you stay back at least 50 feet, and make sure now to crowd or corner them.
  • Don’t scare them: Avoid loud noises like shouting or clapping and sudden or fast movements. Watch quietly.
  • Respect them: Never try to touch a sea lion — this is one of the most important safety tips for dealing with sea lions.
  • Keep safe: Don’t take selfies with sea lions. They can be unpredictable. Don’t throw at objects at them, follow them, or chase them.
  • Keep sea lions safe: Keep your pets and dogs away from the sea lions, and make sure not to feed them.
  • Don’t use flashlights: The light can disturb them at night.
  • Read the signs: Notice sea lions moving away, looking up, or barking — these are signs of a disturbed sea lion.

Media credit: Image licensed from Adobe