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Save Time and Eat Right With These Weekday Breakfast Ideas

Health experts say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and yet 25% of Americans don’t even eat it. Many walk out the door to work with just a cup of coffee in hand and don’t consume anything else until mid-morning. Their stomach is growling and they forgot a snack, so they […]

Hosting a San Diego Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving is an American tradition that has come to mean more about family and traditions than anything else. A wonderfully gluttonous holiday, Thanksgiving dinner in San Diego means one thing above all other things: food.  If you are thinking of hosting a San Diego Thanksgiving dinner, you may be stressing about the amount of food […]

Seafood in San Diego

If you’re hungry and find yourself in San Diego, you’re in luck because you’ve landed amid a boatload of bodacious eateries that will tantalize your taste buds. Now, if you’re craving seafood in San Diego, then consider yourself the winner of a culinary jackpot.  Situated smack-dab in the sunny, coastal setting of the Pacific Ocean, […]

Pizza in La Jolla

San Diego is many towns rolled into one. It is all of the following: A coffee town A beer town A sports town A foodie town A dog town A beach town It is all that and so much more. Could it also be a pizza town? Of course it is. San Diego pizza is […]

The Best Places for Outdoor Dining in San Diego

Outdoor dining has always been popular in and around San Diego, but this is even more so the case today with the COVID-19 pandemic wreaking havoc.  It doesn’t matter if you’re dining outdoors for the atmosphere, safety, or both, nothing changes the fact that you want to spend your money wisely while filling your stomach. […]

Coffee Shops in San Diego

There are 851 coffee shops listed in San Diego. And those are just the ones listed in a single, online directory. With a population of roughly 1.43 million people, that is 1 coffee shop for every 1,680 people. Wherever you go for coffee, you had better get there early. It’s going to be crowded. When […]

Where to Find the Best Late Night Eats in La Jolla

After a night out at La Jolla Playhouse or after spending a whole day at the beach, we all need a little something to fill our empty stomachs. However, it can be hard to find a La Jolla restaurant open after 10 pm! To help, we’ve rounded up all the best late night eats in La Jolla. […]

The 10 Best Bacon Dish Roundup in La Jolla

Bacon fans take notice! We’ve rounded up our 10 favorite bacon dishes in La Jolla. Whether you’re looking for the best breakfast or a surprising salad, you’ll find something to love.   Breakfasts The Full Irish Breakfast at Sugar and Scribe has two eggs, Irish bacon, black pudding, white pudding, Irish sausage, roasted tomatoes, sautéed mushrooms, Heinz […]

Hungry? In Need of Caffeine? Try Coffee Cup, a Top Spot in La Jolla

Hungry? In Need of Caffeine? A Top Spot in La Jolla The Coffee Cup, one of over 800 coffee shops in San Diego, is located in downtown La Jolla. At first glance, it is quietly unassuming. However, just walk inside for the bustle of food cooking, espresso machines whirring and customers chatting to make you […]