La Jolla House Built by Master Architect Receives Historic Designation

The San Diego Historical Resources Board has designated a La Jolla house designed by master architect Sim Bruce Richards as historic. The house is located halfway up Roseland Drive at 10 E. Roseland and overlooks Torrey Pines Road. Richards designed the single-family residence before it was eventually constructed in 1947, the La Jolla Light has […]

Haunted Places in San Diego

From our beautiful white-sand beaches to our friendly and welcoming community, there are so many wonderful things about our little corner of the world here in sunny San Diego, California. However, our turquoise waters and close-knit atmosphere only begin to touch on what it has to offer to both guests and locals alike. Many people […]

6 Things You Didn’t Know About Bird Rock: La Jolla’s Neighborhood Gem

Tucked away along the San Diego coast, just south of downtown La Jolla, is Bird Rock: a quirky but laid-back neighborhood known for beautiful ocean views, cozy restaurants, and independent boutiques. While perhaps slightly lesser known than La Jolla, the community has a fascinating history and is one of the most unique and interesting areas of San […]

How One Woman Shaped La Jolla: The Legacy of Ellen Browning Scripps

      Ellen Browning Scripps was many things to many people throughout her 96 years; a sister, schoolteacher, journalist, philanthropist, patron of the arts, among others. She and her brother, E.W. Scripps, created what would become America’s largest chain of newspapers, linking midwestern industrial cities with booming towns in the west. By the 1920s, […]

6 Things You Didn’t Know About La Jolla’s Coast Walk Trail

La Jolla California is full of hidden gems and beautiful coastal views, but there are few as gorgeous as the historic La Jolla Coast Walk Trail. First conceived in the early 1900s, the hiking trail has undergone several changes through the decades; today, it’s one of the most popular hiking trails in all of La Jolla California. […]

Looking Back at La Jolla’s Early Movie Theaters

La Jolla has always had a passion for the movies. Throughout the course of its history, eight different theaters have existed in some form or another in the Village, the last being The Cove and now, The LOT (since 2015). The very first moving pictures shown were at the original La Jolla Cove Bath House […]

Historic La Jolla Hotels: Experience Hollywood Glam in San Diego

La Jolla has been a resort town for decades, attracting visitors from all over the country with its allure of sparkling ocean waters and essentially perfect climate. In 1894, the railroad line was extended to La Jolla from the heart of San Diego, making access to its beaches even easier for locals and visitors. Here are the […]

7 Things You Didn’t Know About Sunny Jim Cave

Sunny Jim Cave is one of seven unique La Jolla Cove caves. Having been open to the public since 1903, the cave boasts a fascinating history and a little bit of folklore. From the man who discovered and dug the tunnel to bootleggers and an old Cafe, we managed to uncover a few interesting facts […]

Why La Jolla Doesn’t Actually Mean ‘The Jewel’

The origin of how La Jolla (pronounced as La-HOY-a) got its name and history are unclear. The coastal community is often mistakenly referred to as San Diego’s ‘Jewel’. Scholars who researched La Jolla’s origin found no concrete answer to the meaning of La Jolla or exactly where it comes from. The only thing that is […]

3 Shocking Murders That Rocked La Jolla

La Jolla isn’t your typical murder scene backdrop. We may have plenty of private investigators in San Diego, but still… The cozy, sleepy, seaside town is rarely in the news for any kind of crime, let alone an act as appalling as a violent murder. Yet if one sifts through La Jolla’s past and delves […]